Problem individuals

Problem individualsWhat category of people do you belong to?

Some people specifically look for other shortcomings in their behavior in order to use them for their own purposes. Do not give them a reason! Nothing shows strength of character like permanent politeness. Gossipers, braggers, disgruntled and teasers demonstrate their own weakness with their actions.


Respect for others is the natural and most reliable barrier to brutes and plows.


Useful advice, perhaps you are thinking: “Yes, all this is good. But you have no idea how these stupid people treat me, which I have to endure. It's good to be polite only in theory, but they have to somehow resist, do not they? "


Quite rightly, that's why you need to know how to behave with "problem" employees and managers. To defeat them with the same weapon is impossible - use other methods.


It's hard for the "hotheads" to control their feelings. Most of them realize this and after five minutes of fury usually fall apart in apologies.


The main thing in dealing with "hotheads" is to let them pour out their feelings ... alone, if possible.Let such a person speak out in your office. It is unlikely that he will like it, because he needs spectators. If you calmly bear his breakdowns, listen and calm. If not, tell them directly to look for another place to let off steam. This does not always work, but at least he will know why you leave the room when he “finds” it.


Another thing, if the "hot head" begins to run amok at a general meeting. In this case, there is no alternative but to listen to him patiently. Most "hotheads" quickly exhaled, although, having entered into a rage, they are quite aggressive. Imagine watching a play that doesn’t concern you. It is difficult, especially if the object of attack is you. In this case, try to remember the essence of his attacks, and it is better to write. If you later go to the authorities with a complaint, you will need evidence (and witnesses) to resolve the conflict.






Rumors and gossip are inevitable, because we are all interested in each other. You will be a black sheep, if you pretend that no one and nothing interests you. But if you don’t want to be called a gossip, don’t pass on negative rumors that are harmful to someone. Focus on the positive news.


Gossipers deserve a separate discussion.They live by rumors and use them to harm others and advance through the ranks. This is what they can and prevent.


There is only one way to resist the gossip, when his attention is occupied by some scabrous news: call him to an open conversation. But you don’t have to do this if it’s not about you. If the gossip touched your interests, stop him politely and preferably publicly so that others also hear his excuses. Even if the rumor is true, you need to know what source it comes from. “True” gossip remains gossip, so you need to treat them properly.






Braggers are trying to appropriate all the praises and honors, even without any relation to them. The best strategy in this situation is to ensure that your merits are recognized in full. Sometimes a personal conversation helps, during which you have to say directly that other people have contributed to the work and therefore deserve praise. If this does not work, write reports to the bouncer could not assign all the laurels themselves. If this does not help, talk to the boss.


The carping is never satisfied and often tries to charge you with work that you don’t need to do at all or at the moment. He needs to fight back immediately. Here, too, a good tone will help. If the boss says on Friday, so that you prepare the papers for Monday, and it’s known that they will not be needed until Thursday, answer that you, unfortunately, have plans for the weekend. But to a polite refusal, add that you could take the papers home and prepare them, say, for a medium.


Never get lost. Always be prepared to politely offer a compromise between what the cavil wants and what you are going to do yourself.


Useful tips if you are unlucky, and you are working for the wicked, looking for another job. It will not be better when.


Do not try to beat him - he is a master of his craft. Better be prepared to put him in front of hard facts as soon as he starts a suspicious game.


Some schemers hide their frauds under the mask of disinterestedness. However, it soon becomes clear that for this "disinterestedness" you have to pay. Remember: never accept suggestions of an intriguer!



Here are some tips for communicating with lovers of intrigue.


If he is trying to get you to do what you think is not part of your job duties, do not fulfill his requirements without first re-reading the contract.


If the intriguer is trying to make an offer that is undesirable for you, make him publicly explain and justify his intentions.


If he did manage to get you involved in a business that you don’t like, it’s never too late to state all the facts in writing and present them to the management.


This man is sure that, wishing him good morning, you secretly hate him. His reaction to what is happening is so far from the norm that it is impossible to predict. Fortunately, most of the disaffected do not pose any threat. They will have to act only if they turn to manipulation or intimidation. And here the best reaction is to keep goodwill and calmness and not to react to their attempts to draw you into something you do not want to do. Just ignore them!

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