Proper nutrition during pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is imperative to improve the quality of nutrition. First of all, it is necessary for the baby, who is still in the tummy, to form correctly, and, having appeared in the light, and in order to be always strong and healthy. A balanced and varied menu is also necessary for mommy herself for successful pregnancy, easy delivery and subsequent child care.


To eat right, it is important to eat foods that contain essential nutrients. Forming a diet during pregnancy, you must follow simple rules that you recommend an interesting site.


How to eat pregnant



Limit the use of sweets;


Abandon spicy, salted and canned food;


Increase consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.


In addition to compliance with these rules, it is necessary to introduce into the habit of calculating the daily rate of use of basic elements, such as:


Calcium, which during pregnancy is needed twice as much, since it is “taken away” from the mother by the child for the formation of the skeletal system. The main sources of calcium are: kefir, milk, cheese, nuts, sardines and green vegetables;


Proteins, which are building materials, thanks to which the organs and tissues of the baby develop. Their content in the woman’s menu should also be twice as large. Protein-rich foods such as: meat, nuts, legumes, whole-wheat bread and dairy products;


Carbohydrates, which during pregnancy should not get carried away. These include: bread, cereals, potatoes, sweets;


Fiber, which helps to remove the decomposition products of animal proteins. Its main suppliers are vegetables and fruits, which can be consumed in unlimited quantities, dried fruits, unpolished rice and whole-wheat flour pasta;


Vitamins C, D, E, A and group B should be ingested daily in the right quantities for both mother and child;


Minerals, especially iron, which supports normally doubled the volume of blood of the future mother. Iron is found in legumes, dried fruits, spinach, fish, and liver.It may be that the doctor even prescribe an additional iron in the form of drugs.

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