Quality cleaning after repair

Finally, the repair in your apartment is finished, the most difficult days left behind. Now you just need to clean up the house, and you can settle down completely. That's just to clean the apartment after such repairs, it will take a lot of time and effort. And if you do not have them?

Do not worry: the Kaskad-Holding group of companies offers its cleaning services to all kinds of premises after repairs. Prices there are quite acceptable, so you can afford to take advantage of such a profitable proposal and throw off some of the troubles that are involved in putting things in order in the house.

High-quality cleaning after repair involves removing traces of whitewash, paint, tape, glue, cleaning floors and windows from all surfaces, tidying up walls, cleaning carpets and other floor coverings, washing mirrors, removing and removing the remaining debris. Specialists of the company that provides services of this kind have in their arsenal the most modern detergents and cleaning products, so they successfully cope with all types of stains, even hard to remove.After cleaning in your apartment, only fragrance of freshness and purity will reign, having caught that, you will feel that the difficult repair stage is behind and now you can settle in the cleaned apartment again.

Employees of the company are well aware that you want to enter the renovated premises as soon as possible, therefore they provide their services without days off. They are ready to drive to the specified address at a convenient time for you and bring your apartment in proper order. As a rule, in one working day it is possible to remove 100-200 square meters of premises.

The apartment will last for one day, and for a large office it may take a little longer. Therefore, calculate in advance how many days will be needed to bring the room in order, and after that you can plan to transport furniture and other things there.

Using the services of employees of such a company after the repair, most likely you will want to become their regular customers. They will be happy to clean your apartment further throughout the year!

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