Ratakovski spoiled the evening dress grandmother panties

Such underwear can not be worn under a transparent dress!

Emily Ratakovski has always been distinguished not only by her excellent figure, but also by her love for seductive outfits. But then she made a real fashion failure. Under a thin translucent chiffon dress in a bottle-colored model, she managed to put on huge black pants.

Emily Ratakovski
Photo: @emrata

What was it? The desire to pull up the tummy? But Ratakovski’s body is perfect, there is no hint of fat there. Shyness? Considering that Emily considered putting on a bra under this dress superfluous - hardly. Love for comfortable underwear? The girl could choose at least a different color, which would have merged with the skin and did not stand out like that under the dress.

After all, most celebrities wear “naked” and even more modest translucent toilets exclusively without clothes or with special “tricks” in the right place.

And those who prefer to wear huge pants of contrasting colors under designer outfits, make a fatal mistake from time to time.Among them, Haley Baldwin, who wore a somehow beige panties under a bright red lace dress. True, the snow-white linen under the light toilet also looks slightly strange.

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