Reasonable food for healthy children

Practically all the substances necessary for the body for healthy growth and development are contained in natural products. Enter a sufficient amount of vegetables, cereals, fruits and fresh greens into your child's daily diet - all of these foods contain large amounts of vitamins in an easily digestible form. Also it is necessary to appoint a specific time of the day for meals.

Thus, the children's body will remember at what time it needs to be ready for the digestive process. This will allow the child to more efficiently use the resources of his own body and spend more energy on outdoor games and mental development.

Many diseases are formed from excessive consumption of sugar and sugar-containing foods and beverages. When shopping in a store, be sure to pay attention to the composition and compare in your mind the data on the amount of sugar that enters the growing body of the child along with the daily diet.A separate item would like to mention the sweet soda and various "nutritional bars", which with its bright and rustling packaging attract children's attention.

Believe me, you are capable and called to hold children's attention much more than these cunning advertisers! And for sure, if you try with your child to work hard over the culinary masterpiece in your own oven - not a single chocolate bar on the counter compares with this taste! Instead of chemical sweets, you can taste various candied fruits. Dried tangerines, dried coconut, candied papayas will be much more useful to the young body, and with the right presentation of this product in the mind of the baby there will be no place for fantasies about the topic of harmful advertising products.

A common mistake made by parents is to name certain types of products as “adults” or “for adults”. Your children sincerely strive to become omnipotent adults, so with such expressions you will only spur the child’s interest in the forbidden fruit.

In general, it is better not to build any product to a more significant degree than all the others and on equal terms explain to the child why you choose this product, and you do not choose another.A young child seeks to understand all facets of life and is better if you consider them with him and with love you, and not television or adult comrades.

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