Reasons to refuse breakfast

The brain will be healthier, you will start to think better

Hunger is indeed capable of speeding up the reaction and sharpness of the mind. There is a logical justification for this: in times of gathering and hunting, a hungry person should have been more agile and attentive.

Periodic fasting benefits, among others, in brain utility, as a result, brain cells grow more actively, a person reacts and interacts with the world much better. That is, by rejecting the morning oatmeal, a person forces the brain to act faster, wake up, respond more effectively to various kinds of stimuli.

It is much easier to diet

Often people looking in the mirror think it’s time to go on a diet. Someone appeared fat in the winter, and on the beach you want to look efficient. No matter what goals are set, it is easier to sit on any diet if you refuse breakfast.

If you divide food intake by three times, while trying to consume no more than 2000 calories per day, you will get 666 calories at a time. This is very small, so there will be small snacks, which will add extra calories and damage the common idea.

If you give up breakfast, you can split the same 2000 calories in half. Thousands of calories at a time will be enough to not feel hungry. The hand will not reach for sweets, chips, etc.

In the morning, hunger will not be felt

Because of the hormones in the morning a person wants to eat, although the body does not need food. The body produces the hormone ghrelin, which regulates the frequency of food intake. If you have breakfast every day, this hormone will be released by this usual time. Not having breakfast is a habit, with time the feeling of hunger will disappear in the morning.

Lowering cholesterol

Cholesterol is a dangerous, common and serious health problem throughout the world. Fatty and high-calorie foods increase the level of lipids in the blood, and this in turn increases the risk of microinfarction, an extensive heart attack or attack.

Periodic fasting allows you to reprogram the use of fat by the body. The level of consumption of fat cells is necessary in this case for energy, fat replaces glucose. The level of lipids in the blood returns to normal without the intervention of doctors and extreme diets.

Stimulation of muscle growth

Not the last role assigned to the growth of muscle mass growth hormone. Its natural level in the body helps to launch adaptive mechanisms, which means that muscle cells are restored and grow. Regular rejection of breakfast can increase the secretion of growth hormone.

With age, you will be more fit

The body over the years synthesizes growth hormone less and less. This means that with age, the muscles shrink, bones become fragile. Having increased the natural level of growth hormone due to refusals from breakfast, you can ensure a healthy and vigorous old age. Try not to be led by the fitness community and not to have too warm and touching feelings for breakfast. Suddenly you will like it.

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