Recipes for the New Year in diabetes

baking for the new year in diabetesPeople with diabetes should regularly follow a certain diet. Before the most important holiday in the family, each housewife who has a family suffering from this disease, the question arises: what recipes for diabetes would be appropriate in the holiday menu?
One of the most useful products for diabetes is Jerusalem artichoke, the recipes of dishes with which are very simple and quick to prepare. The root crop is rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium, fiber and organic acids, is a natural insulin substitute.

Diabetes Baking Recipes

Diabetes mellitus is not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure of eating a little sweet. Of course, you will have to abstain from the cream cake, but there are lots of simpler and more tasty dishes that do not affect the increase in blood glucose levels. Recipes for baking with diabetes do not contain sugar, and its substitute is sorbitol. You can serve carrot pudding, orange peel pie, apple strudel to the New Year's table.

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