Robert De Niro opened the second restaurant in Moscow

A 72-year-old Hollywood actor has time everywhere: he is actively involved in films and has a successful business. For the second time, De Niro arrives in the capital at the opening of his own restaurant.
Robert De Niro and Nobuyuki Matsuhisa

Just a month ago, Robert De Niro toured the world with the premiere of the film "Intern", where he played a major role. The actor was on the red carpet in London, New York ... And now I got to Moscow, but for other reasons, in business, so to speak.

In the capital, De Niro, together with the Japanese chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, opened the second restaurant Noby.

“I met Nobu about 25 years ago,” said the Hollywood actor. - By that time I already had experience in the restaurant business, opened two or three of my own institutions. And I decided to turn to Nob: "If suddenly you decide to open your restaurant, call me, please."

The opening of the restaurant took place last Monday in the shopping complex Crocus City Mall.All the stars of Russian showbiz, including Philip Kirkorov, Valeria, Grigory Leps, Igor Krutoy, Anita Tsoi and many others, gathered at it.

Philip Kirkorov
Tony Braxton
Igor Nikolaev
Emin and Araz Agalarov
Yana Rudkovskaya
Igor Krutoy and Victor Drobish
Victoria Lopyreva
Maxim Fadeev, Grigory Leps, Victor Drobysh and Igor Krutoy
Elena Podkaminskaya
Oleg Gazmanov
Anita Tsoi
Julia Baranovskaya
Olga Seryabkina

While the guests gathered at the restaurant, Robert De Niro spoke with journalists. The actor admitted that he himself does not know how to cook anything at all, and from the Russian cuisine he likes dumplings and borscht.

“If you were on an uninhabited island, which 3 products did you take with you?” Asked De Niro.

“I will take the first dish that Nobu advises, the second dish that Nobu advises, and the third dish that Nobu advises,” the actor joked in return, thereby demonstrating his true love for the restaurant.

By the way, Nobuyuki Matsuhisa said that De Niro's favorite dish from the menu is black herring. Also a little Russian dish.

It is worth noting that Robert De Niro is generally a frequent guest in Russia.In 1987 he headed the jury of the Moscow International Film Festival. Since then, he often came to visit Nikita Mikhalkov, the actor was friends with Oleg Yankovsky, Mikhail Kozakov. That is why the journalists decided to clarify with a Hollywood star if he had not thought about obtaining Russian citizenship.

“Perhaps,” the Oscar winner smiled slyly. “As you understand, this is a difficult situation, so we'll see, you never know what awaits you tomorrow.”

After the press conference, there was a traditional opening ceremony of a restaurant with Japanese drummers, as well as a broken sake barrel. The ritual was attended by the owners and partners.

It is worth noting that Nobu is the only restaurant in Russia owned by a Hollywood star.

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