Rules for the selection of foundation for problem skin

The foundation is an indispensable weapon of any girl. But if the skin of the face is problematic and prone to inflammation, then choosing a truly high-quality and suitable remedy will not be easy. And yet it is possible, if you know some of the features.

How to make a choice?

How to choose a foundation that will suit the owners of problem skin? This is a difficult task, so you have to take into account a lot of important points.

Condition and skin type

Problem skin is, rather, not a separate type, but its condition and a certain peculiarity. The type can be dry, fat or normal. And it is based on this criterion, you should choose the tonal tool. So, if the skin is oily, then avoid the foundation with the content of oils and other similar components, they will only aggravate the situation.

It is worth paying attention to the cream with a matting effect. For dry skin, on the contrary, suitable oil-based products that will have a moisturizing effect.But the fat components are undesirable, since they can form a film on the surface of the epidermis and clog pores, leading to the appearance of acne.

Carefully inspect your skin and evaluate its condition. If acne on the face appears almost constantly, then to disguise and eliminate it is necessary to purchase a cream with anti-inflammatory, as well as antibacterial components.

If the skin is prone to allergies, then you only fit hypoallergenic means. For skin that is very light and sensitive to sunlight, it is worth purchasing a sunscreen cream. Mature and fading epidermis requires a fairly dense texture of the tool (it will fill wrinkles), as well as the presence of moisturizing ingredients that eliminate excessive dryness.

BB-cream appeared recently, and they will be a great solution for girls with problem and even oily skin prone to inflammation. But mature women do not like this option.


It will depend on the type and condition of the skin.

Valid and useful components:

  • Substances with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. They will cleanse the skin and eliminate redness.These include, for example, salicylic acid.
  • Natural oils: almond, jojoba, shea and so on. Such components will moisturize the skin.
  • Herbal extracts: chamomile, calendula, succession, tea tree and so on. Many plants contain a lot of useful substances and have astringent, antiseptic, regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties.

What should not be in the composition? Of course, to find a foundation that does not contain any synthetic component is impossible. But still some of them are especially harmful for problematic skin. In particular, these are silicones. Yes, they mask all defects well, but clog pores and provoke increased sebum production, and also form a film that creates a greenhouse effect and provides inflammation and irritation.

The right shade

Properly chosen shade of the tool will not only smooth out the complexion, but also hide some defects. So, if the tone is too dark, then, of course, the flaws will go unnoticed, but the face will resemble a mask that looks extremely careless and ridiculous. And when choosing a too light shade, even minor defects will be visible.

Choose a tone that is as close as possible to the color of your skin or coincides with it (if possible). But at the same time consider some features. So, if you have freckles, you should choose a half-tone tool or a darker tone to even out the color. If there are redness, then you should choose a cream of a cold shade. If you have the first wrinkles, then an overly dark remedy will only emphasize them, while a light one, on the contrary, will make them less noticeable.

To find the right color, apply a small amount of cream, and certainly on the face, not on the hand (skin tones in different areas may differ significantly). Evaluate the result should be only in daylight natural light, and not in artificial. In order not to be mistaken, come to the store in the morning or in the afternoon, apply the remedy and go outside to examine the skin there. If the foundation went unnoticed, then it suits you.

By the way, there are tools with a gloss effect. For problematic skin, it is advisable not to use them, as they may draw attention to the disadvantages. For example, when applying this cream, oily skin will look even more untidy.

Suitable consistency

The consistency of foundation creams may be different, and its choice will depend on the type and characteristics of your skin.

Possible options:

  • Liquid products are suitable for oily skin, as they do not contain oily and fatty components and are well distributed over the surface of the epidermis.
  • Gel means are easily applied and distributed, mask defects, do not close pores. This texture is suitable for normal skin and oily (but not too), prone to minor local inflammation.
  • Fluid cream is ideal for combination and inflammatory skin. It has the lightest, almost airy texture, instantly absorbed and distributed, does not form a film, does not cover the pores and at the same time masks imperfections. There is a gel in its composition, but it is defatted.
  • For dry skin is to choose a tool that has the consistency of fat cream.
  • The creamy texture is quite light and gentle, but at the same time the product has a moisturizing effect. This option is suitable for normal and dry skin with minor inflammations.
  • If the face is covered with acne and black dots, then you should choose a tool with a dense texture, which is also suitable for mature women.It will mask wrinkles and areas of inflammation, but a dense film can cause increased sebum production, so using such products is often undesirable. And before applying, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned and degreased.
  • Camouflage means is “heavy artillery.” They are not easy to apply, they completely close the pores and are suitable only for special cases when it is necessary to achieve perfection and mask all defects. With the help of camouflage tonal creams, you can create an evening make-up or make-up for a photo shoot.

What means to choose?

What is the best cream? We offer an overview of the most popular:

  • "Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector B.B." - a cream with a light texture, nourishing, leveling color, moisturizing and hiding imperfections. But there are only two shades: for fair skin and for dark skin.
  • “L’OREAL Alliance Perfect” has a liquid base, resistant, does not create a mask effect and does not violate the natural breathing of the skin, and also eliminates oily shine.
  • "Bourjois Fond De Teint Healthy Mix". The texture is creamy, there is a slight flickering effect, all the flaws are eliminated, the skin breathes. The cream masks defects (even wrinkles), contains natural fruit extracts and fits well.
  • "Max Factor Color adapt" has a creamy light texture, creates a powder effect. It consists of unique particles that adapt to the skin color and level it.
  • «Vichy NormaTeint». This cream for problem skin evens out color, perfectly masks imperfections, eliminates inflammation and accelerates regeneration. The texture is light, cream.
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