Rust removal with citric acid

This is one of the simplest, safest and most effective ways to remove rust from the surface of old steel tools. The difference between this method is that no scarce reagent or expensive equipment will be required to restore the metal surface. All that is required is practically in any kitchen.
Rust removal with citric acid


  • Citric acid powder - sold in a culinary shop or pharmacy if you do not turned out to be her home.
  • A container where we will immerse steel items for recovery.
  • A scraping device such as a spatula. Or a brush on metal.
For safety:
  • Rubber gloves.
  • Protective glasses.
Benefits of using citric acid:
  • Does not remove paint on the surface.
  • The reaction is fully controlled.
  • Very affordable - almost always available in the kitchen.
  • After use, you can pour it into the sink.
  • Much cheaper,

Cleaning the surface of parts

The first thing you need to do is to clean the surfaces of dirt and degrease. You can use a washing sponge, a dishwashing net and a detergent for this.
Removing rust with citric acid
Removal of rust by citric acid
We wash and clean the surfaces of parts and tools before restoring and rust.

Preparation of the solution

To prepare the solution, you must take a plastic container where all rust removal items fit.
Preparation of the solution
Pour into this container the required amount of warm water, degrees 60 - 40 Celsius. With the volume of water to overdo it is not necessary, since it will take a lot of citric acid. Add the powder of citric acid approximately at the rate of 60-80 grams per 100 ml of water. This is quite a lot and the solution will turn out to be quite concentrated. All proportions are experimental, so you can look for your golden proportion. Fall asleep in water and stir until fulldissolution.

Restoration of rusted surfaces

Restoration of rusted surfaces
Restoration of rusted surfaces
Restoring rusted surfaces
We lower the steel objects in the solution. After a few minutes, small bubbles begin to form on the surface, indicating a normal reaction. After 30-60 minutes, no rust will appear on the surface of the solution. Cleaning parts with a sponge or metal brush will help speed up the process. Sometimes 60-90 minutes is enough to restore the surface of not very rusted objects. Some citric acid can be added to an existing solution, if necessary, to speed up the reaction. We wait until the rust disappears completely. I left massive parts planer for 7 hours, although most of the items recovered within 2-4 hours. When you have finished - the solution can be safely poured into the sink, as it is non-toxic.

Protective oil coating

Protective oil coating
After removing the parts from the solution, rinse them with water and dry. In addition to removing rust, the citric acid solution left an oxide film on the steel surface that will protect the metal for a short time. But in order to protect the surface as much as possible, treat it with engine oil. If there is no motor, take a sunflower, it will be better than nothing.

The result of removing rust

The result obtained using this method.
Result of removing rust
Result of rust removal
This method removes corrosion in all hard-to-reach places, retains the original mark if it is available, which is impossible with mechanical rust removal by sandpaper. Recovered surfaces can be cleaned without any problems to shine with felt or wool with Goi paste.

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