Saint Laurent created shoes with rollers

If you like the thrill, then certainly appreciate the novelty of Anthony Vaccarrello, creative director of YSL, namely - shoes-rollers. Yes, we are talking about these wheels, and not about the print, as one might think: there are two wheels under the toe of the boats, and the same can be found ... under the already endless hairpin. The model, called Anya 100 Patch Pump Roller (probably in honor of the music designer Ani Rubik), is made of several types of leather and is decorated with various applications.

Anya-100-Patch-Pump-Roller - 3

Anya-100-Patch-Pump-Roller - 1


The main question is no, not how to walk in them, but how elementary to resist ... However, the instructions, alas, are not attached. Probably, in front of us is rather an art object that will look beautiful on Instagram photos. The cost of the pair is $ 2600.

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