Sandals + socks: 5 options worth trying

Pair No. 1: platform sandals + mesh socks

Black sandals on the platform and wide heels - this is actually a classic thanks to Prada, who built this model into a cult. You can say a lot about good and bad about golf and pantyhose in the net, but in this case this is exactly the piquant thing that gives the sandals a new playful look.

Sandals + socks: 5 options worth trying

Sandals on the platform Mango (2 999 rubles)Zara mesh socks (899 rub.)

Pair # 2: Embroidered Sandals + Lurex Socks

It seems that these sandals with embroidery on a botanical theme and socks with Lurex would have to be sold together in one set, because the shades of shoes and socks are combined, which means they can be safely combined. One would like to add a doll mini-dress from the 60s to this pair - from the same era when mini, low heels and socks with open shoes were in trend at the same time.

Sandals + socks: 5 options worth trying

Sandals with Zara embroidery (2 999 rubles)Socks with Lurex Stradivarius (799 rubles).

Pair number 3: sandals + socks in sports style

At least one option on the sports theme in this selection still had to be, and for its realization we found simple two-tone sandals with a sole resembling sneakers, and the same two-tone socks, which for some reason reminded us of school uniform. This pair immediately claims to be immature, and also to the appropriate company: if the dress is, then it is also sportswear, or jeans with twists and some bold t-shirt with inscriptions or stripes.

Sandals + socks: 5 options worth trying

Socks in the sports style H & M (399 rub.);Alba sandals (6 990 rub. on a discount)

Pair number 4: silver sandals + socks pastel shade

Sandals made of shiny leather on a low square heel seemed to have come from some futuristic cinema of the 60s — that’s when the dressers represented the shoes of the future and ... almost guessed. This pair is perfect for both plain and multi-colored socks with a bright pattern (preferably in cold colors), but we settled on a more “adult” version - pastel knit socks in ashy colors.

Sandals + socks: 5 options worth trying

Silver sandals Massimo Dutti (7 990 rub.)Topshop socks pastel color (£ 6)

Pair No. 5: leather sandals + socks with ribbons

Cotton socks with ribbons are a real find for the upcoming season, given their affordable price and possible uses. If you have ordinary ballet flats, then with such socks they will turn into a copy of Miu Miu ballet shoes. And if you do not want to repeat after anyone, then it is better to try out such socks in a pair with black sandals and make the classic model original.

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