Michael Bublé - Save The Last Dance For Me [Official Music Video]

Save it for the dance

Jun 29, 2007
OnSo You Think You Can Dance, Nigel congratulated the boy dancers on doing it "like dudes." Which, I guess sometimes doesn't happen in the dance world. Hoc and his partner did some kind of bird dance while he was wearing some shimmery eyeshadow aal across his face. Sabra and Dominic did a heated-up rumba. "You have two tickets, the two of you, on the hot tamale train, that's right!" yelled Mary, inexplicably, before screaming and screaming. Does someone give her like 35 cups of coffee before the show starts?

And then Lauren danced to Popozao by Kevin Federline. Because that seemed like a song that suggests SUCCESS to a group of judges. She almost got ditched but didn't go home – but Jessie and Jesus did. Really, Federline should be grounds for dismissal. And Jesus gave an unnecessarily long goodbye speech, considering he hasn't just lost a presidential election.

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The Starter Wifeended this week – and Molly finally got together with Lou. Yay. Though he calls her kiddo, which could be alarming in an actual relationship. Plus Sam's still kind of in the picture, which throws a wrench in the whole thing (come on! Lou's so nice!).

If you read the book, you might be among the disappointed in the miniseries. If you didn't, you probably are loving Debra Messing playing Gigi Levangie Grazer's protagoniste.

Kenny, Molly's horrible ex husband, goes through an excellent downward spiral. He tries to propose to his pop star girlfriend and gets laughed at. A couple of Viagra later, he's having a problem they warn about in the commercial for it. So he calls Molly, who gets him to sign the divorce papers and also gets the opportunity to hold the whole thing over his head.

Towards the end, Molly decides she doesn't need either guy and becomes another kind of starter wife – who starts over from scratch. This all becomes clear to her as she's looking at a billboard for Ponds – the sponsoring company – which is, you know, convenient. Then she finds Sam again and so much for the 90210-esque "I choose me" finale.. Ah well. —Amy DiLuna

The Starter Wife: Loved the book? Loved the show? Discuss in comments!

Video: Save the last dance for me - The Drifters

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