Sean Penn gave a candid interview about a relationship with Robin Wright.

Sean Penn has recently attracted the maximum attention: either joins Angelina Jolie on a date, or suddenly finds herself crazy about Amber Heard. The last serious novel of the 57-year-old actor, we recall, was a two-year relationship with Charlize Theron, but something from the lovers did not work out. Prior to this, Sean spent 14 years married to Robin Wright (a total of actors converged and diverged 20 years), which he frankly spoke about recently in an interview.

“We do not get along: we have too different views on raising children. And so it was when they were still very small, but nothing has changed, and when they grew up. Therefore, we decided that it would be better if we reduced our contacts with Robin to zero. And now, Dylan and Hopper, fortunately, are already old enough to make their own decisions, "Penn said. - Of course, they are very fond of their mother, and she is always ready to talk with them, as, indeed, me.But I better not cross with her. ”

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