Secrets of the perfect makeup for selfie

Nowadays, people do everything: from schoolgirls to Hollywood stars. Photography in the mirror is considered to be a symbol of the modern era. Girls are ready to go to all sorts of tricks, only to make their pictures look good and collect numerous huskies in social networks. Therefore, professional photographers and make-up artists developed a whole system of rules on how to make the most effective photos. One of its main components - a beautiful and properly executed makeup.

The foundation of everything is healthy and radiant skin.

No matter how expensive things are on the girl, no matter how chic the resort looms in the background, all this fades against the background of unkempt and uneven skin. It will not save any bright lipstick or laminated eyelashes. Therefore, the main thing that needs to pay close attention - the perfect tone. Of course, you need to strive for it always, leading a healthy lifestyle. And to achieve the desired result will have to seek help from cosmetics.

Mandatory minimum set for any self-respecting woman: primer, tone foundation, powder, corrector and highlighter. Thanks to them, you can quickly get the effect of radiant skin health.

Some refuse base under makeup for fear of layering. In fact, it is the primer that will moisturize and smooth the skin, allowing the foundation to lie perfectly. In his absence, use at least a good moisturizer. Owners of oily skin should ensure that no oil is part of the base. And ladies with dry and normal skin should choose the means that have in the composition of coconut water.

With the help of the corrector, all the defects of the face are easily masked: pimples, couperose netting, pigmentation and dark circles. It should be borne in mind that a particular color is intended for a specific problem. For example, redness is eliminated by applying a green corrector.

Choosing a tonal basis, the main thing is to find the right shade. Too dark tone will visually add a dozen years, but a light one will not mask problem areas. Makeup artists have long recommended not to pick up the cream, focusing on the color of the skin of the wrist, which is always darker than on the face. It is better to test the tool in the neck under the chin.By applying a tonal base, care should be taken to ensure that there is no visible border.

To face in the photo was sculpted, with a clear oval, you need to perform its contouring. For this, light and dark highliders are useful. The first is needed to lighten the outer corner of the eyes, the area under the eyebrows, under the eyes, up to the cheekbones, nose, the central part of the chin and forehead, as well as the fossa above the upper lip.

The dark highlighter darkens the submandibular cavity, the upper area of ​​the forehead and temples, closer to the hair, and the lateral lower areas of the chin, where so-called “flecks” are often formed. Do not forget to carefully shade all boundaries. If the texture of the highlighter is creamy, it should be applied under powder, if it is crumbly - on. It is not necessary to powder the entire face, it is enough to go with a brush on the T-zone.

The final touch, giving a shine - light blush. For selfies, stop at the delicate pink and peach flowers that add youth.

Eyebrows - an important accent

Inexpressive eyebrows look very losing in the pictures, "blurring" the face. Although the times of “thin strings” have sunk into oblivion, and naturalness has returned to the trend, this does not mean that one should not pay attention to eyebrows.

It is easy to provide them with a well-groomed look by their own hands, by tinting them with shadows and laying them with the help of a gel, which gives an additional volume to each hair. This bright accent will add the appearance of clarity and expressiveness.

The eyes are the mirror of our soul

Here it is important to find the right compromise between the amount of applied cosmetics. Without it, the eyes will look tired, small and "extinct." And a surplus of makeup, especially shadows, on amateur photos looks massive, adding extra years.

Therefore, it is necessary to carefully paint over and twist the upper ciliary row, "opening wide" look. Lower eyelashes need to be painted once, just to lightly accent them.

In order not to visually make the eyes small, you need to abandon the shadows and arrows on the lower eyelid. With the same purpose, you should not paint the lower mucosa of the eye with a black pencil. If you cannot do without this part, it is better to use a golden brown or a bronze tint. But the upper part of the century must be highlighted with corporal shadows. At the same time, the outer edge of the eye and the eyelid fold should be emphasized in a more saturated tone, carefully shading it.

Seductive lips - the final touch

Bright lipstick looks very selfish, attracting a lot of looks. Therefore, if you are accustomed to this cosmetic remedy, feel free to use it. The main thing is to choose a good tone and use a contour pencil. You should not choose unnecessarily dark colors that add age. Different variations of red lipstick - timeless classics.

In order that the tool lay well, be sure to moisten the lips. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting a photo with a "cracked" lipstick. To give the lips extra volume, you can apply a little shine to the central area.

If you are stranger to bright lipstick, in any case it is necessary to put on the lips a transparent luster. This will give the appearance of freshness and seduction.

And of course, with any make-up you can not forget about a sincere smile and a kindly expression. It is these traits that attract many admirers to Selfie.

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