Self expression Ways of human self-expression


Every person strives for self-expression. In our time, society has to play a role, because work and study points dictate their own needs. People have to do what they expect in a particular situation. This trend can not be interpreted on the one hand, because it is desirable to accept the requirements of life. The need for self-expression remains, regardless of the circumstances, so it deserves proper, adequate expression.

Self-expression is a source of positive emotions, good mood, inspiration, a desire to self-improve and achieve goals, a way to defuse and get rid of negative energy.

Self-expression occurs under the influence of life circumstances, in different directions, but in each case a person finds a chance to find himself, to understand the true “I”, to decide on the further development. Psychologists understand the need to provide assistance to peopleas a result, it offers art therapy and dance and movement therapy for the provision of psychological assistance. Self-expression and psychological techniques contribute to increasing self-esteem, understanding the prospects for development, the right patterns of interaction with the team.

Each person is individual, so you need to focus on the direction of self-expression, taking into account the peculiarities of character. It is not necessary to stop the choice on a single method, since the study of possibilities will lead to obtaining decent results.

Self expression Ways of human self-expression

The relationship of freedom and fear of expression

Self-expression, which is free, is the basis of a happy life, eliminating doubts and problems. Why is it desirable to show character, potential?

Self-expression leads to joy and happiness, despite adverse circumstances.
Self-expression is a source of inspiration, which gives relief from negative emotions, unwanted fatigue.
Self-expression contributes to the understanding of potential and wishes, self-knowledge. If desired, the development of character traits.
Self-expression raises self-esteem, gives confidence in the strength and availability of the basis for development.
Self-expression is the basis of the search for like-minded people.Circle of communication, corresponding to the interests and worldview, makes interaction with other people valuable.

Circumstances that lead to hiding the potential and inclinations of this character make a person squeezed and shy, notorious. The development of the situation in this direction leads to concerns about lowering self-esteem. Man does not feel free and happy. For this reason, self-expression plays an important role for the individual. What are the possibilities for self-expression?

Self-expression in the profession

A job that has a connection with a hobby and brings a decent salary is a secret dream. If you express yourself in a profession, happiness becomes an integral part of life. Work should not only bring a salary and serve as a source of food, life support. In most cases, such self-expression is achieved by creative people, inborn leaders. Focus on the hobby and the potential, wishing to achieve the realization and open the prospects for moving forward.

Self expression Ways of human self-expression

Self-expression in the works

Creative expression has a highthe level of efficiency, because a person devotes time to what he likes, implements creative talents and skills, while gaining recognition. If desired, enjoy the results of creative work alone, because this will also benefit.

Knowing the inclinations and the chances for realizing the potential, proceed to the creative embodiment of the inclinations. Creativity includes writing music and writing unique texts, prose and poetry, photography, dancing. Practice your hobby as often as you can, because it will bring happiness.

If you have not discovered creativity, experiment and look for a direction. Try drawing, realizing creative images in airbrushing, writing poetry and prose, photographing, dancing. Any direction will give freedom to the heart and soul, promote self-expression, search for the "I". Once you can find the right direction, develop open skills. Barriers to advancement are absent, as modern proposals admire diversity. Visit dance clubs, keep a blog or website, participate in discussions, write prose and poems, publish literary works on the Internet, present people crafts, knitted toys, drawn pictures and comics.Having made the right choice, pleasure will appear in your life, will give a particle of happiness, will contribute to increasing self-esteem. Do not give in to another's opinion and fashion, as self-expression is useful, and the suppression of potential will lead to harm.

Self expression Ways of human self-expression

Self-expression in appearance

This way of expression is peculiar to girls and women. Psychologists say that external attributes create a unique image, because they contribute to the manifestation of character and potential. Focusing on the internal sensations, create a wardrobe, do haircuts and hairstyles, pick up accessories, apply make-up and manicure. Do not pursue fashion that suppresses the individual, does not allow to find a source for the expression of the inner world

Creating a suitable image that matches the inner feelings, you will become a person. Stand out from the crowd, remembering that there are no identical people. Individuality is manifested in the image.

Tattoos and piercings are popular with young people, but they allow you to deviate from the standards, to prove themselves. For this reason, the option is suitable for self-expression.

Self-expression with taste

Hobbies, tastes in the literary, musical and cinematic world - the basis of self-expression.

Create a collection of songs, books, films, taking into account your preferences, opinions about works that are classical and modern. The passion for collecting gives pleasure from watching movies and listening to music, contributes to the formation of the right circle of communication, recognition of the taste of interlocutors.

Taste preferences are the basis for the manifestation of the world outlook, opinions about different life situations.

Self expression Ways of human self-expression

The place of art in people's lives: finding yourself

Self-expression in art is a task that is created in front of many creative people who are thinking about the manifestation of individuality. How is this explained?

The inner world is filled with images, associations that are not able to leave a person without emotions, the desire to express emotions. The exchange of elements of the inner world contributes to the emotional communication between people, the manifestation of the unconscious and the finding of inner harmony. Creative works serve as an expression of opinion about the surrounding world, current circumstances, and the direct manifestation of the inner world responds to the soul of the audience.For this reason, self-expression in art is the task of creative people who develop their potential.

A rational person moves away from self-expression, adapts to the stereotypes of thinking, the rules of the metropolis, the needs of an active and successful life. This situation does not bring real happiness, leads to disappointment in life.

Creative works carry out utilitarian, adaptive function, regulate life. For the manifestation of the “I”, it is necessary to restore contact between the senses and the mind, to create a holistic and harmonious personality, to understand the personal meanings. For this reason, psychologists recommend the manifestation of character not only in appearance, taste preferences, profession, which are external attributes, but also in art, in which art therapy helps.

Self expression Ways of human self-expression

What is the use of art?

Art therapy is good for everyone. Creative inclinations manifest themselves in different ways, but in each case, art realizes the potential that has been laid down, the attitude to the events taking place, helping to find the right direction of development, to find inner harmony.

Self expressionArt contributes to the expression of experiences in words, actions. The deep layers of the unconscious state of a person find a place in the conscious world. Self-expression allows you to acquire harmony, integrity. For this reason, art binds a person to other people. In difficult situations, for example, after experiencing stress or shock, art therapy becomes a way to establish contact between a patient, a psychologist or a psychotherapist.
Art and creativity. A person develops and implements certain associations through experiences, attitudes to current events. Creativity, creativity - these are important life principles. A creative approach contributes to the successful search for a solution in any situation, as it strengthens contact with the unconscious component of the personality, the internal forces.
Creativity brings pleasure, relaxes in crisis situations, eliminates pain. Experiences manifest themselves in art, testifying to the transient nature of feeling. Any physical, moral, mental pain remains in the past after a person goes through self-expression, speaks about sensations, emotions.
Art conveys individual experience, knowledge of a person, accumulated feelings. Transmission through creative work finds a response from listeners who tune in to the appropriate wave, become receptive. A person manifests himself, after which he gets a chance to overcome the stage of life, further development. Art can not claim to be objective and correct, true, because all people differ in their outlook and character, but the experience of each person is useful to others.
Modern life, the requirements of society ruin the personality, because there is a need to search for true feelings, return to inner peace. Creativity is perceived by many adults as a game, which guarantees benefits.

Self expression Ways of human self-expression

Self-expression in emotions

Remember: you are an individual person, therefore you can not rely on the recommendations and advice of other people. Before the manifestation of emotion, define it, show an objective attitude, understanding of its nature. Do not rush to action, wanting to wrap an emotion for good. Do not suppress the feelings that deserve to manifest.

The basis of self-expression is actions, a manifestation of emotions.

Many people make efforts to suppress the emotional world, realizing that they are not doing the right thing, but are not looking for another way out. Do not run away from emotions and actions coming from the heart. At the same time, take responsibility for every action that manifests itself in contact with other people. Accepting character, emotional world, existing actions, you do not run away from yourself, do not hide behind masks, resulting in self-expression.

Society dictates a lot of requirements, but in each case actions take place that make it possible to understand which features differ in character, who you really are.

Self-expression is the path to a true world, so take care of the manifestation of a real person, understanding the particularities of actions and emotions, attitudes towards events.

Self expression

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