September 1 ruler: games, skits and shows

September 1 ruler: games, skits and showsA good script for the lineup for the first of September is not so simple. It is necessary not only to work out every stage of the holiday thoroughly, but also to prepare the children and rehearse all the scenes and numbers with them. In preparation, there are 5 main points that must be taken into account when drafting the scenario and organizing the presentation on Knowledge Day.

Naturally, the first point is the script itself. Each organizer must have a sequence of performances and performances in it. In addition, you need to think over and a temporary storyboard scenario. In general, the event should not last more than an hour, as children get tired very quickly. Do not forget that guests, teachers and parents are also present at the solemn event, which is also very difficult.

Point two is poems. Be sure to include in your script scenes with poems or simply congratulatory poems that are so nicely read by “first-graders” and so confidently and proudly by high school students.Although there should be a measure, believe me, 10 poems, read in succession, will tire your viewers, and the holiday will seem to them boring and uninteresting.

The third point is, of course, songs on the Knowledge festival. They, beautifully executed, will revive the event. Every school has a vocal circle or group, and so they must be attracted to the holiday.

The fourth point is dancing. Those who have a talented choreographer at school are lucky. A costume dance on the line of the First of September will not leave guests indifferent. It is possible for the children's collective to perform a dance with bouquets or with school knapsacks.

And the fifth point is the "highlight". Only the originality of the scenario for Knowledge Day will help to become a memorable and cheerful holiday. And here the most important thing: "What should be this" zest "?". We recommend to include in the scripts of school holidays humorous numbers and skits with the participation of both children and adults.

Here is a vivid example of a scene for September 1, which will help to bring the "flavor" into your line:

“Change, Sidorov and Ivanov are sitting in class at the desk.
Sidorov hastily collects all things in a briefcase.
Ivanov:Where are you going?
Sidorov:I'm not going to math, I did not learn anything, I did not do homework.
Ivanov:So what? Our "teacher" asks only those who have written on their faces that they have not learned anything!
Sidorov:Well, I'm telling you!
Ivanov:So it should be done as if you are ready! About auto-training heard?
Sidorov:About what?
Ivanov:Well, like self-suggestion! In short, repeat after me: I have everything ready for mathematics!
Sidorov:I have everything ready for mathematics.
Ivanov:I've done my homework!
Sidorov: I've done my homework!
Ivanov:All 5 exercises and 3 tasks!
Sidorov:All 5 exercises and 3 tasks!

During auto-training they did not notice how the teacher in mathematics entered the classroom.

Teacher: Sidorov, I heard that you are ready for a lesson? !! I invite you to the board.

Sidorov steps confidently toward the board.

Sidorov:At me to algebra completely all is ready! I've done my homework! All 5 exercises and 3 tasks!
Teacher:Well, write exercise 85 on the board.
Sidorov:I've done my homework! All 5 exercises and 3 tasks!
Teacher: I do not understand anything, show the notebook!

Sidorov shows a notebook. The teacher looks surprised.

Teacher: Eh, Sidorov! And so confidently walked ... Sit down, Two!

Sidorov and Ivanov left the school.On the face of Sidorov "deep sadness."

Sidorov:At home they will ask: "What did you get in mathematics?" I'm covered.
Ivanov: Auto-training is required.

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