Shoes that you definitely need in 2018

Peas are in principle one of the most important prints of this season. But we believe that aerobatics - "use" it in the shoe version. Moreover, there is something incredibly touching in these models - something that is more exciting than bows and floral patterns combined. It's like a trick that can add life to any dreary costume or ordinary black dress. The most beautiful peas look on black and blue shoes. But already closer to summer will begin to be in demand shoes in a more frivolous palette.

Sandals Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer Sandals (£ 19.5)

White shoes

Even the rampant skeptics will have to believe: white shoes rule the ball! Shoes, ballet flats, Cossacks, ankle boots - choose what you like best and don’t be afraid to take risks. It will be scary only at the first exit, and then you will quickly realize that nothing suits classical denim or midi dresses like snow-white beauties.

Iris & Ink shoes

"Awkward" sneakers

Forget (for a while) about minimalist stylish shoes.She is certainly beautiful, but in today's dress code more relevant is the one that looks funny and awkward. These inflated sneakers can now be found everywhere in the collections - they are very steep in appearance and incredibly comfortable. Mods and fashionistas picked up this wave immediately, will you join them?

Ganni Sneakers

Sneakers Ganni (18 540 rubles)

Carry Bradshaw Shoes

"Manolo" and other similarly elegant boats are a little in the spirit of the zero, now again at the peak. Glassware, strasses, crystals, satin and silk - everything that yesterday seemed vulgar, today finds new connotations and modern sound. In these shoes you just want to fall in love again, meet with cheerful friends, go to the bar. Anything. The main thing is that they set a certain mood to the image and can definitely control your mood.

Uterque shoes

Uterque shoes (9 990 rub.)

Cowboy boots

The style of the western is not popular, but the Cossacks are the favorite shoes of fashionable girls and fashion editors. Thanks to the last few seasons, their revival nevertheless took place, and today the “dashing cowboys” are worn with enviable ease - with checkered jackets and trousers, flying dresses and narrow skirts.The main thing to remember directly in the store is how they will sit on you. Fitting is required: often these semi-boots come across a very cunning height, not at all flattering your ankles. So look for your perfect match.

Mango Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots Mango (7 999 rub.)

Clear shoes

The bag, through which you can see everything that you left with you, is a thing already quite loved by fashionistas. Now it was the turn to get used to such shoes - with transparent straps, inserts, and maybe even heels. One thing is clear with them: you will not be left unnoticed. We give only one single advice: take a closer look at the pedicure!

Sandals mango

Sandals Mango (6 499 rub.)

Open heel shoes

Believe it or not, these shoes are the easiest way to look spring and summer elegant and stylish. Heel - medium or kitten heel, color - any. We wear with shortened trousers, complex skirts and flowing romantic dresses.

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