Bead & Ribbon Simple bracelet

There are many techniques of weaving beads, but all needlewomen began with simple decorations. For example, a “Simple” bracelet using beads and satin ribbons is well-suited for beginners as an easy lesson.
As you already understood, you will need beads of any color and a satin ribbon (rather thin, about six millimeters). Of course, you can take a wider ribbon, but then the number of beads will increase, you will need to pick it up by eye. Weave a bracelet can both on the fishing line, and on monofilament or strong thread. It all depends on your preferences, it is more convenient for me to weave such lightweight bracelets on a kapron thread.
Have you prepared beads, ribbon and a needle and thread? Then begin to weave a simple bead chain (woven on two threads). Thread the ten beads on the thread, pass the second end of the thread through the last three beads, locking the thread into the ring, now stretch two beads on one thread, on the other five, and pass the first thread through the last three beads on the second thread. It will turn out the second ring, in this way weave a chain of the required length.
When the chain is ready, just weave a ribbon of the required length into it (so that its ends are easily tied on your wrist). Bracelet "Simple" of beads and ribbons ready! Now you can move on to the development of more complex techniques of weaving with beads. Good luck!
Bracelet “Simple” of beads and ribbons

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