Soap "Snowflake" - make a gift for the New Year with your own hands!

Soap "Snowflake"The closer to us the New Year, the more often we think about what to give to many friends and relatives? As a rule, I want these gifts to be original, remind us, and at the same time do not require special expenses. The best decision is a gift for the New Year, made independently, and since recently more and more fans have won soap making, the master class will be devoted to exactly how to make soap "Snowflake" with your own hands.

To work you need:

  1. Soap base (or ordinary soap, without dyes and flavors), approximately 300 g, depending on what forms you have and how much soap for the New Year you are going to make
  2. Silicone molds - with a relief pattern of snowflakes, you can buy this in almost any hardware store or hypermarket department
  3. Mint flavor
  4. Blue dye for soap
  5. Silver sparkles
  6. Microwave

Video workshops on soap making is easy to find, there are a lot of them on the network, but our recipe is quite simple, for a successful result, step-by-step instructions with a photo are quite enough:

  1. We cut the soap base into pieces - cubes of about 2 to 2 cm in size. So the soap will melt faster and it will be easier to turn it into a homogeneous mass. Take a large cup, it will be more convenient then to mix all the ingredients.
    Soap base cut into pieces
  2. Put in the microwave for 30 seconds - until the soap becomes very soft. In order not to overdo it by accident, it is better to set the timer several times for a ten-second period - and, if necessary, warm the soap longer. After you get the cup out of the microwave, carefully place the soap mass - it is possible with a halo, just do not beat it, but mix it. You can add flavoring, coloring and glitter - one at a time, and also stir well, so that all the ingredients are distributed evenly. Dye and flavoring enough just a few drops - do not overdo it.
    Microwave for 30 seconds.
  3. Our master class on soap making is coming to the final stage - now the resulting mass needs to be filled in a form.You need to do this quickly, because the soap starts to thicken pretty soon - and then neat snowflakes will not work out. If you had to spend too much time mixing and the soap started to freeze, you can send it to the microwave for a few more seconds, stir it again and then calmly pour it into forms.
    Our master class on soap making is coming to the final stage.
  4. Now it remains only to be patient and wait until our own hand made snowflake has cooled and can be removed from the mold. One and a half hours should be enough to completely freeze.

We made the simplest version of “Snowflake” soap, which does not require special expenses, however there are a lot of options with different bases, oils, dyes and flavors - their choice depends only on you and the taste of the person you want to give this wonderful soap for the New Year. If the first experience of soap making inspired you, you can continue to improve and make a gift for the New Year with your own hands, video master classes with a detailed description will help you with this - such as this, for example.

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