Something about female zest and where to look for it?

We do not know ourselves

In fact, every woman has a zest, we just do not always guess her presence. For example, one of my friends all my life believed and still believes that her "trick" is in a small shcherbinka between the upper incisors, and at every opportunity shows them, smiling widely. But, oddly enough, those who surround this shcherbinka are not particularly noticed, but the dimples that appear from the same smile are considered to be the highlight.

Attraction of individuality

Of course, the zest is not only the appearance. It may be some interesting hobby or dressing style, laughter, habits, or basic self-confidence. The main thing in the highlight - the reaction that it produces on a particular man. Yes, yes, she does not have to drive all the men around. It is a rarity. Someone may be delighted with your freckles or puffy lips, and the other to these nuances will be absolutely indifferent. But in someone it will attract the ability to tie a tie in 50 different ways or unusualaccent.

Something about female zest and where to look for it?

It is important not to confuse zest with beauty or sexuality. Because it has an indirect relation to beauty. On the contrary, sometimes the flaws of a person become highlights. And if a woman does not complex about this, then her imperfection may well become the most real highlight. Remember the same Julia Roberts with her amazing smile, because of which she complexed as a child.

How to understand what your zest?

The simplest thing is to follow the reaction of the man. He will definitely sooner or later, one way or another make it clear that he likes some of your "trick". As a rule, this “trick” is what distinguishes you from other women in his eyes. Think about what your traits or qualities can be attributed to such characteristics. Ask friends and family, suddenly they have long identified your zest?

Something about female zest and where to look for it?

Is it possible to get a twist?

In principle, it is possible. But is it necessary? Any playfulness will be evident, and a fake zest will give himself away. Not only will you not attract anyone in this way, you will also be annoying. Moreover, as we have already found out, there is a highlight in every woman, you just need to reveal it.But creating it artificially is not worth it, as well as copying other people's features. It will look unnatural, and everyone around you will understand that the highlight is not yours.

What to do with the found highlight?

Never mind. Just leave alone. Some women, having revealed some kind of "chip" in themselves, begin to flaunt it right and left, as a result of which she loses her charm. You can draw an analogy with real raisins: if there is too much of it in a bun, it will be cloying and eating it will be impossible. Everything is good in moderation. Let's say your passion for fitness in the eyes of some man will be a real highlight, but if you with mad eyes will tell everyone around the importance of sports and pull everything flour and sweet out of the hands of the unfortunate, this is not a highlight, but something terrible .

Something about female zest and where to look for it?

Be yourself, do not complex because of the little things, and one fine day your unique feature will reveal itself to the world. And even if someone seems to you a person without a raisin, the other will probably see something special in him. After all, there are no identical people, which means that everyone is unique in something.

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