Song for Christmas: text, words of the best Christmas songs

Song for Christmas: text, words of the best Christmas songsSongs performed in different parts of Russia, for Christmas, represent one of the most interesting attributes of the celebration.

Holidays are essential for the separation of the temporary space of human life. The Holy Martyr Sergiy Mechev in “Spiritual Conversations” called the holidays “shining points of eternity in our temporary world.” In his work “The Relevance of the Beautiful” G. Gadamer writes about how people tend to measure time not only on the calendar, but more often moving “from holiday to holiday, from Christmas to Easter.” These words very accurately convey people's affection for bright joyful events.

Christmas is the most majestic and significant holiday for Christians around the world. Christmas night is a unique period of time when the border between the real and the wonderful, temporary and eternal is blurred.And, undoubtedly, in the days of great holidays in rituals and traditions the mentality of the people is revealed. The songs performed at Christmas are very indicative in this regard.

What songs to perform for Christmas?

In the collections of songs of the Russian people published in the nineteenth century, one can count more than twenty songs of different genres that sounded in the Christmas voyages of the courtyards. This testifies to the powerful Christmas and New Year traditions in Russia. So, for example, in Veliky Ustyug and its suburbs during the Christmas carol singing, two choruses were performed at the beginning of caroling ("You came to the gate") and at the end, if, according to the carol-makers, "they will not be served or badly served" (sham Chorus Kota or, as an option, Chorus Ruff). In addition, three grapes were made, i.e. bypassing songs with the chorus of "Vinogradye red-green": one traditional holy story "We're walking around, we're walking around the Kremlin-city" and two others - the late epic Sokol-ship (with the start "Already on the sea, in the blue on the blue") and the historical song Redemption Filaret ("The Sered is strong tsarskosti Rosyskovsko").

What songs to perform for Christmas?

Songs and carols at Christmas, words

Traditionally in Russia, on the eve of Christmas, every family waited for those who were dressed up, they were preparing a treat, because happiness and the well-being of the family depended on the meeting of those who were dressed up. Guests tried to generously reward. Children went to glorify at home, collected money, and at the same time they said: “Open the chests, reach for the pennies”.

Sang carols: “Kolyada! Kolyada! My aunt, give me a pie and health! ”The hosts thanked with something edible, receiving a handful of grains in return. It was believed that the donated grain when sown in the total mass will increase the crop and will be rewarded a hundredfold for the offered piece of edible.

The Christmas-New Year round ritual was a complex complex of various ceremonial actions and songs. Christmas rounds had a communicative function, linking members of the traditional community through ritualized gift exchange, were always social in nature and acquired elements of entertainment and entertainment.

As an example of songs traditionally performed at Christmas, let us give the text of an old Russian carol performed in the Kama Region (Perm Region).The text of this old carol, recorded in 1910, in structure includes motifs and formulas characteristic of carols.

Songs and carols at Christmas

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