Songs for Pancake week for children and adults. Folk ditties, ritual carols and short poems in honor of Maslenitsa 2017 and Forgiveness Sunday

MP-001Maslenitsa is one of the brightest, funniest, and perky holidays, preserved from pagan times to the present day. Long since in Russia during this reckless period, people enjoyed themselves at home and on the street, went to visit each other, savored hot pancakes, attended fairs, organized comic competitions in agility and strength, played outdoor games, built snowy fortresses, rode horses , they danced, read funny poems and, of course, sang short ditties, Russian folk carols and ritual songs about Maslenitsa. In the texts of these simple works, they sincerely rejoiced at the departure of the harsh winter,they praised spring and the beginning of the fertile season, wished their families and friends plenty and family happiness in the coming year.

The big Christian holiday, Forgiveness Sunday, finished the Butter Week. On this day, adults together with their children went to church and prayed to God for absolution, and then they apologized to all relatives, friends and acquaintances for recklessly and voluntarily caused resentment. In this way, people cleaned their hearts from sinful desires, and their souls from negative thoughts.

What songs are sung on Maslenitsa 2017 in Russia - folk lyrics

Like any other Slavic holiday, Maslenitsa is not complete without songs. They most fully reflect the deep meaning of the celebration: parting with a fierce winter, inviting spring and the most sincere joy at the birth of a renewed world. But besides the ritual songs on Shrovetide, it was customary to perform funny carols, folk folk songs and various choruses. Moreover, each of these works were timed to a specific day and a special oil-bearing tradition.


  • "A meeting"- This is the name of the first day of the oil week. At this time, women from the very early morning go to the house of their parents and bake pancakes.Men gather by companies, build snow fortresses, make an effigy of Maslenitsa and install it in the central square of a city or village. All these actions accompany great songs praising the beginning of the festive week.

And we celebrated Carnival,
We met, the soul, met,
On a goroshka visited,
Pancake mountain lined,
Cheese mountain stuffed
Oil watered mountain,
Watered, shower, watered ...

  • "Game"- the second day of winter celebrations. He is dedicated to going on a visit and eating pancakes with various fillings. Young guys, who have not yet met their love, hold bride brides, flirt with girls and sing beautiful catchy songs about love. In turn, the young ladies flirt with the bridegrooms and arrange ritual divination, trying to determine the name, character and appearance of the future spouse.

"PLAY" careless - TUESDAY comfort.
All walk, frolic out, as one!
Games and fun, and for them - the reward:
Girlish smile and ruddy pancake!

  • Gourmand- a day of great, abundant food. Mother-in-law wake up in the early morning, cook luxurious, lush pancakes from the best products, and invite their beloved sons-in-law to visit.Refusing the invitation can not and from the meal, too. The son-in-law is simply obliged to eat the maximum amount of pancakes so that his wife's mother does not hold a grudge. For this momentous day, funny, perky, humorous songs about pancakes and about the relationship of son-in-law and mother-in-law are suitable.

Oh, chickens you chickens,
Young cochies,
Combs you are golden!
What don't you sing early
Do not wake MOVIE.
In-law in mother-in-law walks,
Mother-in-law tortures:
"What, son-in-law you zyathechek,
Dear son of guests,
Tell me the whole truth
What is nicer in the world:
Ali's father-in-law, Ali-in-law,
Ali wife is young,
Ali mother dear? "-

"Mother-in-law sweetheart for greetings
Young wife - for advice,
And mother dear
Mile all over the world. "

  • "Razgulay"- the top of Maslenitsa and the moment of active street festivities. Everyone comes out of the house, small and large, they participate in noisy games, dance, dance, play snowballs and take ice fortresses by storm, ride from hills, jump over fires and sing short, cheerful carols in which they celebrate the wide Maslenitsa.

Oh you, Maslenitsa enters the courtyard,
Wide on the yard rides.
And we girls meet her,
And we, the red ones, meet her.
Oh you, Maslenitsa, for a week,
Wide, another pogostyuy.
Pancake week, I'm afraid of fasting,
Wide, I'm afraid of fasting.
Oh, you, Maslen, fasting is still far away,
Broad, fasting is even more distant.

  • "Teschiny vecherki"- the moment when the abundant treat for the mother-in-law is arranged in his house by the son-in-law. Traditional pancakes are baked by the housewife, but the rite tells her to use her mother's kitchen utensils on that day. Having tasted with sweets, the mother-in-law and father-in-law thank the young people for inviting them to the feast and sing songs with a wish for well-being, harmony and family happiness to their children's home.

We are waiting for you on Maslenitsa!
We'll meet with an oiled pancake.
Cheese, honey, kalach,
Yes, cabbage cake!
We all wait for the Great,
Eat up in store, people!
Walk all week,
Eat up all stocks.
And the Forgiveness day will come,
We are not too lazy to worship
Come on Sunday -
We will ask for forgiveness,
So that you take away all the sins from the soul,
With a pure heart post to meet!
Today we rejoice -
Now farewell to winter
With pies, yes pancakes,
In the noise of a cute mess!
With the toboggan toboggan run,
The girlish eyes glow,
Songs, dances and festivities
Already that day in a row!
This is the Carnival,
Miracle - Carnival,
We congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts.
And we cordially invite:
All cares throw
Come to visit,
Straight to our porch
To us on the Carnival!

  • "Zolovkin gatherings"- the fun and frivolous period of the oil week. On this day, young boys and girls dress up in the best clothes, gather in large companies, exchange gifts, celebrate their newly married friends and sing songs for the day.

We have not eaten pancakes for a long time,
We wanted pancakes.
Oh, pancakes, pancakes, pancakes,
You are my pancakes!
Oh, pancakes, pancakes, pancakes,
You are my pancakes!
Put pancakes on a tray
Yes to the threshold!
Oh, pancakes, pancakes, pancakes,
You are my pancakes!

  • "Seeing Shrovetide"- The closing day of the week of week coincides with the great Christian holiday - Forgiven Sunday. In the morning, believers visit temples, repent in transgressions and ask for God's blessing, then apologize to friends and relatives and, in turn, grant forgiveness to both friends and enemies. In the evening in the central square of the village burned stuffed Carnival and sing melodious farewell songs.

And maslena, maslen-polizuha!
She licked the blintzes and the martyrs, -
On the plates, on the plates.
And we saw off our oil,
It was hard, and yes, it was sighing:
"A buttered, oily, turn around,
Reach out to the Great Day! ”

Folk songs on the Pancake Day-2017 for children


To introduce children to the history, culture and folk traditions of their country today has again become very popular. But in order for a child to wake up sincere interest, they do it in an unobtrusive, playful form. To get acquainted with old rituals and rituals, the oilseed week approaches as well as possible, because at that time it is possible to taste delicious pancakes and to learn folk songs about Shrovetide.


We have not eaten pancakes for a long time,
We wanted pancakes,
Oh, pancakes, pancakes, pancakes,
You are my pancakes.

In a freshly boiled soda,
Two o'clock pancakes went.
Oh, pancakes, pancakes, pancakes,
You are my pancakes.

My older sister
Baking pancakes is something a master.
Oh, pancakes, pancakes, pancakes,
You are my pancakes.

She baked food
Hundred and five, probably there.
Oh, pancakes, pancakes, pancakes,
You are my pancakes.

On the tray she puts
And she brings to the table.
Oh, pancakes, pancakes, pancakes,
You are my pancakes.

Bless you
Here are my pancakes ready.
Oh, pancakes, pancakes, pancakes,
You are my pancakes.


And we wait carnival,
Waiting, waiting, waiting.
We see cheese and butter in the eyes,
See, soul, see.
As on a hill, green oak,
Greenback, soul, greenbacks.
And Vanyusha, my friend, young man,
Young man, soul, young man.
Our Maslenitsa, be happy,
Be happy, soul, be happy.
Our little grubushka be rolling,
Be rolling, soul, be rolling


Broad Maslenitsa!
We praise you,
On the hills ride,
Pancakes overeat.
Hey Shrovetide Kuroroika,
Ride us well!
- Maslenka, Oiler,
Did you see Horasenk?
-A gorask in red hat
On the little black horse,
Under it, the horse is dancing.
Like on Shrove week
From the oven, the pancakes were flying,
And cheese, and cottage cheese -
Everything flew over the threshold.
It was fun for us!
You will get it too!

Short poems on Maslenitsa-2017 for children in kindergarten


Today Maslenitsa is celebrated not only in the family circle or working groups, but also in children's educational institutions. In the kindergartens, on the occasion of a beautiful holiday, bright, themed matinees are held, and with the kids they learn short poems about Maslenitsa and traditions associated with it.Typically, these rhymed works consist of one or two verses, are very easy to remember and perfectly perceived by ear. The only thing that is required of educators and parents is to explain to children the meaning of some old Russian words that are often found in texts.


I want to wish you
In this carnival
Live brightly yes
Best of all in the world.
And good luck to you now
Sincerely wish
To every day and hour
To live not despondent!


Shrovetide came to us,
Brought joy to people
Well, we come with pancakes,
Meet the holiday with you!


Here came the Maslenitsa!
Madam boyaris Maslenitsa!
With cheese, butter, and pancake,
And ruddy pie!

Beautiful short poems on Forgiveness Sunday-2017 and Shrovetide


A very important Christian holiday - Forgiveness Sunday - completes the oilseed week. On this day, people go to church from the very morning and ask God to forgive sins and give a blessing, and after the service asking for forgiveness turn to friends, acquaintances and relatives. Someone at such a moment speaks a few simple phrases in his own words, while others prefer to apologize in a more unusual, poetic form and read beautiful short poems to relatives and friends of the Pancake Week and Forgiveness Sunday.Sincere melodic lines touch to the depths of the soul and warm the hearts in the most frosty and harsh winter month.


About offenses
Forget it
All offenders
This can
That and god
Forgive you!


God teaches people to forgive
And do not hold a grudge,
Mercy open up
With a good heart to pray.

Be unforgiven
With a clear conscience to live.
In forgiveness sunday
Hand out congratulations!


Bright holiday comes,
Forgive each other calls.
Sunday Day gives happiness
The Lord will save us from bad weather.

Let there be light in your house
May joy last for many years.
Let the warmth of love in your soul warm
The fire of hope is not smoldering!

Chapel rituals on Pancake Day for children - text and video


To celebrate Shrovetide in the kindergarten or elementary school, they learn simple, short ritual chastushkas with children. Kids memorize their texts very easily, and then with great pleasure they perform during a festive matinee.


Maslenitsa, Maslenitsa,
Give blink to eat.
Throw snowstorms away from us
Rolling on the carousel.
Melt the cold ice,
Let spring come soon!


The cat walked, sat, lay,
Long carnival was waiting.
Songs sang, hissed, snuffled:
"Not winter, but lawlessness!"
Under the battery window
He warms the cat warm!
And hopes that - here!
Hurry spring will come!


Mother Spring is coming, open the gates!
First March came, all the children spent
And behind him - and April opened the window and the door
And how came May, how much you want to walk!
Mother Spring is going along the fields alone
First time says goodbye,
The second time is forbidden,
And the third time we will not miss you!

To make the song number look more intense, spectacular and bright, it is worth agreeing with parents and choosing interesting folk costumes for young artists. They can be rented at the agency for organizing events and parties, or sew independently from suitable materials. Children will be very pleased to speak to their parents and guests in these stage costumes, and they will be able to fully experience the colorful emotions and joyful festive mood. As it turns out in practice, you can see in the video scenes presented below.

Funny Russian couplets to Shrovetide for adults


Funny and frivolous Russian couplets at Shrovetide are especially popular with adults.These incendiary couplets with ambiguous hints and frivolous content sing at the table in close friendly-related companies. Folk art of this kind brings to the atmosphere of the holiday special savory notes and an element of some playfulness. However, if children take part in the solemn meal, it is better to give up ditties of such a plan. The little ones are still not able to correctly understand some phrases and may well ask adults to explain unfamiliar words. The children's spontaneity will put the older generation in an uncomfortable position and cause embarrassment, and these are not the emotions that a person should feel during a bright, cheerful and dynamic holiday.


I love pancakes with herring,
Wash them up with delicious vodka.
True, later in the evening
I look like a scarecrow!


My mother-in-law made me:
Eat a pancake from mushrooms,
But I still lived a little
I am not ready to die!


In Maslenitsa held
We are fist fights,
I won the husband
After all, I have a frying pan!

Short carols on Shrovetide-2017 for children


Kolyavali in Russia since ancient times, and, not only at Christmas, but also on the Pancake Day.Throughout Cheese Week, including the Day of Forgiveness Sunday, children and young people walked in large groups from house to house, praised the house owners, wished well-being to their families and, for the joy of others, performed short ritual carols, funny chastoos, fervent verses and vigorous Russian folk songs about Maslenitsa In the cheerful holiday texts, they sincerely rejoiced at the end of winter and the onset of a new fertile season, called for spring and asked the owners not to skimp on refreshments and immediately greet the carols with delicious hot pancakes.


Give blinka,
An oily piece!
Aunts, do not be stingy,
Share a piece of oil!


As on Shrove week
From the oven pancakes flew!
With heat, with heat, from the oven,
All rouge, hot!
Shrovetide, treat!
Give all the pancakes.
With heat, with heat - disassemble!
Do not forget to praise.

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