Stars that dramatically change the image and become sexy

These celebrities fashion experiments are only good!

Some stars literally took years to find themselves and their style. The constant presence in the ratings of the most tasteless celebrities, shocking outfits, vulgar "naked" dresses - they went through everything! But, as they say, there is a blessing in disguise: after numerous failures, and they can boast of impeccable wardrobe. Who are these lucky girls?

Christina Aguilera.The singer for quite a long time appeared on the red carpet in bright tight-fitting things, mikrotopah, which she absolutely did not go, and with a ton of makeup on her face. Now the star has decided, as they say, to settle down. Recently, Aguilera chooses sexy, but concise toilets for its outlets. Make-up also began to look much more natural: it is almost invisible. Such changes went to Christine only benefit!

Ann Hataway.For a long time, the actress was rushing between excessively sexy outfits and sets in the spirit of “farewell to youth”. However, Ann managed to find herself: feminine skirts just below the knee, retro-style blouses, breathtaking hairpin and bright colors - these are the main attributes of her new image.

Paris Jackson.From the sad and inconspicuous daughter of the King of Pop, Paris Jackson has turned into a real style icon. She loves rebellious and spectacular outfits, does not hesitate to show her personality and shock the audience with unusual combinations. A promising model and actress only dresses in a haute couture, but does it so easily and cheerfully that she has the right to compete with hardened fashionables!

Lady Gaga.Outrageous singer used to go out exclusively in monster costumes. Fortunately, now she began to dress much more human. Her favorites include light dresses in the style of the 50s, two-piece suits and palazzo trousers in combination with romantic airy blouses. It is worth noting that this style is very much to the face!

Katie Holmes.The style of the actress has always been careless and indistinct: on the carpet, and in everyday life, she did not bother to choose really good sets.The abundance of details and the inability to combine the simplest things quickly turned her into one of the most poorly dressed celebrities in Hollywood. Only now Katie managed to find the perfect style. Romantic dresses in the style of the 50s and floral sundresses are clearly her story.

Miley Cyrus.In the life and career of a star was a rather unfortunate period. She did not hesitate to appear in public almost nude. Costume of plush toys, mini skirts of sequins - which just was not! Now, on the red carpet, Miley appears exclusively in feminine and sophisticated outfits on the floor. She managed to reconcile rebellion with sexuality - it turned out very worthy!

Cara Delevingne.One of the few models that appeared in everyday life and at social events appeared in controversial and sometimes shocking outfits. Kara adored the boy's style and could wear ordinary jeans even on the cocktail of the fashion house Chanel. Over time, her style has undergone many changes. Now stars are in favorites - feminine mini-dresses and stylish trouser sets.

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