Stylish and fashionable skirts 2015 (17 photos)

The skirt is an important part of women's wardrobe, which can make a girl romantic, feminine and sexy. And what skirts will be the most fashionable in 2015?

How to choose a fashionable skirt in 2015?


Skirts can be very diverse, so that anyone can find a stylish, fashionable and, most importantly, the right thing. But to make the right choice, you need to know the main fashion trends of the next year.

Determine the length

In 2015, the designers decided to almost completely abandon the overt and sexy miniskirts. It is not clear what this is connected with, but in fact, firstly, short skirts do not go to everyone, and secondly, they practically leave no opportunity for men to dream up. So do not miss the length of the mini. Maxi or midi length is much more feminine and romantic.


Choice of style

We list the styles that will be relevant in 2015:

  1. Incredibly relevant skirts to the floor. And especially the designers loved the A-line, flared and puffy models.Such a thing can make you incredibly feminine and mysterious, adding to the image of charm. In addition, a long skirt is almost a universal thing, which is suitable for girls with any figure, because it can hide both too thin and, on the contrary, not the most slender legs. The ideal option would be for ladies with voluminous hips. By the way, the skirt to the floor can be combined with both feminine blouses, and with strict shirts and even tops, T-shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts. It all depends on your style and the fabric from which the skirt is sewn. So, summer or spring skirts made of light flying materials, of course, will not be combined with tight sweaters. By the way, do not forget that if nature has not endowed you with impressive growth, then, along with a long skirt, always wear shoes with heels, otherwise you will look ridiculous.
  2. A bell skirt of medium length can be an ideal option for office or study, as well as a bright element of a festive look. This is a kind of hello from the distant 60s, which once again reminded us that femininity and romance are much better than flashy sexuality, which can turn into vulgarity.
  3. Pleated skirts or corrugations of almost any length will also be relevant.Such a thing will make your image light and original at the same time. By the way, this skirt will be an ideal variant for owners of magnificent hips. The most fashionable length - just above the knee, although the long skirts in the floor will also be relevant.
  4. In the trend, a sexy pencil skirt that will perfectly match with a blouse or shirt and make you a real business and stylish lady. Next year, skirts just below the knee will be especially fashionable, which will make the image just gorgeous.
  5. The actual will be skirts with the smell of the most different lengths. But, putting on such a thing, remember that the smell, in itself, is an accent, so that the top should be more reserved, calm and concise.
  6. Skirt-sun in retro style, too, should take an honorable place in your wardrobe. Such a romantic option would be ideal for dating, walking in the park with friends and going to the cinema.
  7. Tulip skirt is ideal for girls with not too voluminous buttocks and narrow hips. The most profitable length - just above the knees. By the way, with such skirts it is best to wear tight jumper, tops, blouses and shirts, tucking them under the waistband.
  8. Incredibly relevant asymmetry.So if you like experiments and bright unusual clothes, then feel free to buy an asymmetrical skirt with an unusual hem. Patterns as well as decorative elements can be asymmetrical.
  9. If you can not live without short skirts, then pay attention to flared models, as well as skirts in the fold. And still it is better to refuse extreme length.

Fashionable materials

Actual length

What skirts will be in fashion in 2015? We invite you to learn the most trendy materials:

  • Actual will be sexy leather skirts of almost any length and any style from short straight to long and flared. Leather is a rather extravagant material, so it will be better if the skirt in the image is the only accent. Combine it with more restrained things, for example, with knitted turtlenecks or with simple shirts.
  • Popular and fur. Someone fur skirt may seem ridiculous and ridiculous, but in fact it can make the image bright, extravagant and outrageous. But if you prefer a low-key style, then it's better to abandon fur models, you'll feel uncomfortable.
  • Light translucent fabrics such as chiffon are relevant.But you should not choose models from too transparent materials, they can make an image vulgar and defiant.
  • Denim skirts will also be fashionable, but not straight and short for many people, but midi or maxi length and flared.
  • Guipure and lace will also be relevant, but since these fabrics are too frank, it will be better if they are combined with other, more dense ones.
  • In a flowing silk skirt you conquer more than one man’s heart.
  • Thick knitwear is not only fashionable, but also practical and comfortable material.
  • Skirts from velvet will be popular. But remember that this material is cunning, as it adds volume. In addition, a velvet skirt is rather a festive option, rather than a casual one.
  • A wool skirt is the best option for a cold winter. You will be comfortable and warm, but your image will be stylish.
  • Velvet - another fashionable material.
  • A suede skirt will look bright and elegant.
  • Want something unusual and extravagant? Then get a creative feather skirt. It is bold, bright and original.



The most fashionable colors of the future 2015:

  • The actual will be classic black, which can be safely called not only a universal color, but also one of the most elegant.
  • You can also choose a skirt of any shade of gray.
  • In the trend will be the gentle pastel colors: ivory, beige, milky and others.
  • It is safe to choose a skirt of any shade of brown from sandy to chocolate.
  • Relevant noble and deep blue, burgundy.
  • In the fashion of olive, mustard tones.
  • If you want something bright, pay attention to coral, orange, pink, lilac and blue.

Now we will list the most trendy prints:

  • Relevant animal print. Especially fashionable colors are giraffe, leopard, zebra and tiger.
  • In the trend, abstract and intricate geometric drawings.
  • Ethnic patterns are also very relevant.
  • Strip and cage.
  • Polka dots will also be fashionable in 2015.
  • Stained glass images.

Details and decor

Ethno prints

Finally, we list the most fashionable decor elements and details:

  • Various zippers, buckles and buttons. It is not only convenient, but also stylish.
  • Are actual overhead pockets. But remember that such a pocket is an extra volume, which not everyone can afford.
  • 3D patterns from sequins, stones and beads.
  • Inserts from other materials, and radically different from the main fabric.
  • Cuts can make you a real seductress.
  • Decoration from feathers and fur.

Now you can go to the store for a skirt and become the most stylish in the future in 2015.

Be fashionable

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Sport style


Flower print

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