Stylish Lama Coats

A fur coat is the best friend of a girl or woman in cold weather. And if this is a trendy model made from lame fur, then such a thing will exactly make the image stylish and bright. Choose the right fit and learn how to wear it properly!

All the pros and cons

If you still can not decide to buy an extravagant coat from a lama, then appreciate all its advantages:

  • Practicality. Fur does not require special care: it is enough to clean it with a brush and gently wipe it with a damp cloth with heavy dirt. At the end of the season, if you wish, you can dry-clean the item to refresh it and remove stubborn dirt (this is true if the winter was warm and slushy).
  • Llama wool does not deteriorate when exposed to moisture. It curls, but it does not spoil the appearance. On the contrary, cute curls make the image even more original.
  • Minimal risks of allergic reactions.
  • The pile is soft, long, pleasant. I want to touch him, he does not prick at all.
  • Affordable cost. If you compare this fur coat with products made of mink or fox, you can see obvious savings.
  • Durability.With neat wear and proper care, Lama outerwear will last from five to eight seasons.

There are also disadvantages:

  • This is not the warmest fur. In a fur coat it will be cozy in winter, but if the temperature drops below -15 degrees, then it is better to wear something warmer.
  • The pile is long and fluffy, so it will inevitably increase the volume of the body, which in some cases is undesirable.

Who would suit such a fur coat?

Fur coats from a llama should be chosen by slender women or with a slender physique. In these cases, the extra volume or will have the way, or not to harm. But for ladies with appetizing forms, it is better to be more careful, although they can allow themselves products from sheared fur: it looks more refined.

With regard to age restrictions, it is especially stylish coat from llama look at young girls. But such a thing can quite afford and self-confident modern woman "in the prime of life."

Variety of styles

Let's consider the most popular and fashionable styles:

  1. Shorter short fur coat will appreciate the young active fashionista or avtoledi.
  2. For women at the age, models of direct cut to the knees or slightly above them are more suitable.They look presentable and presentable, but not corny and definitely not boring. And even in such a fur coat it will be warm even in the cold, because the legs in it are almost completely closed.
  3. Ultra-long llama coats can be found only on catwalks and fashion shows. They are not suitable for everyday wear, but in special cases they may become relevant, for example, if you can or should pay attention to yourself.
  4. Models with a short sleeve that can barely cover the shoulders are very popular, making the fur coat look more like a stylish vest. But also the sleeves can have a length of ¾ and reach the elbows.

Color spectrum

You can choose natural colors of llama wool, which range from milky white or light beige to sandy, chocolate or even deep black. There are also skins with blotches and stains created by nature itself, and such natural patterns look very dignified and not boring.

In fashion is also deep and bright shades. You can choose a rich tone: burgundy, dark blue, emerald, terracotta. Yellow, pink, mustard, coral, mint can be attributed to the bright and trendy range.Pastel gentle tones are also relevant: peach, pale blue, light pink.

You can find fur coats with prints, but solid models look more dignified. If you still decide to take a chance and choose a pattern with patterns, then give preference to blurred bands, non-contrast spots of different shapes and sizes that mimic natural color.

Pay attention to details.

The first part is the hood. In most models it is absent, but this element can be suede, fabric, leather or knitted, which reduces its volume and makes the fur coat even more interesting.

The second possible detail is the inserts. They are used by designers often and allow, firstly, to reduce the volume of the product, and secondly, to refresh and complement the design. There are inserts of leather or suede, other types of fur, drape or cashmere, as well as various fabrics, such as velvet, velor.

The third useful addition is the detachable sleeves and part of the hem. This will make it possible to turn a full-fledged warm long fur coat into a lightweight and shortened fur coat, which is very convenient, given the possibility of abrupt weather changes.

Finally, pay attention to wool.Fur coats with a long nap are the trend of the last seasons, which only slender girls can afford. The trimmed fur looks more neat and restrained.

Wearing a fashionable fur coat

With what and how to wear fashionable and stylish coats from a llama? There is one basic rule that you need to focus on. Since the thing itself is bright, self-sufficient and voluminous, the other components of the image should be more feminine, restrained and elegant.

Consider successful combinations:

  • Under the fur coat you can wear a dress: fitting knit, sheath or model "noodles".
  • Wear skirts, preferably straight or narrowed. You can pick up a sexy model "pencil", as well as a straight cut to the knees or just above them. You can complement this thing with a turtleneck, blouse, shirt.
  • Trousers are suitable, especially slim models.
  • Experiment and allow yourself to wear leather leggings.
  • With youth models, jeans look organic, for example, not very loose “boyfriends” or tight-fitting “skinny”. Pick up a sweatshirt, pullover, long sleeve, top or cardigan.

The choice of shoes is quite wide. You can choose sexy boots, neat shoes with heels or wedges,simple half-boots on a flat course. Lightweight fur can be worn with loafers, oxfords, or even boat shoes. Youth coat can be supplemented with sports models: slip-ons or sneakers.

Feel free to beat the Lama fur coat with accessories. If the model is devoid of a hood, pick up a hat: a stylish hat or a youthful beanie. A wide leather belt will help emphasize the waist. Pick up beautiful gloves and a handbag. But from the scarves, it is desirable to refuse: they can weight and overload the image.

If you plan to buy a warm and comfortable thing, then let it be an ultrafashionable llama fur coat. And now you know how to choose and wear it, so you will definitely be in trend!

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