"Tally" and 4 more movie premieres of this week

Producer:Rawson Marshall Thurber

Cast:Duane Johnson, Niv Campbell, Pablo Schreiber, Noa Taylor, Kevin O. Rankin

The one-legged but effective security expert, Will alone stands against the bandits who captured the skyscraper and saves his family, more expensive than which he has nothing in the world. The creators were clearly inspired by the good old militants, primarily the old school “Die Hard”.

For the director of the comedies “We Are the Millers” and “One and a Half Spy” by Rawson Marshall Terber, “The Skyscraper” is the first thriller.

And for the former wrestler of the Rock, perhaps the best role in his career. After all, the hero of Dwayne Johnson does not laugh and does not possess a superpower, but he can make mistakes, be vulnerable, insecure and mobilize for a rescue operation with a hefty creak.


Charlize Theron as the immensely tired mother of three.

Producer:Jason reitman

Cast:Charlize Theron, Mackenzie Davis, Mark Duplass, Ron Livingston

The exhausted mother of two children completely becomes depressed, bearing an unplanned third. Husband withdraws himself, those extra pounds bulge out of clothes, fatigue triumphs over maternal love ... To help a poor woman comes an energetic and sweet nanny Tally, who not so much follows the children as collects from a depressive heap an attractive and self-confident woman. Director Jason Reitman and screenwriter Diablo Cody a little more than ten years ago have already shot one film about a pregnant, unhappy girl (“Juno”). It is time to tell how difficult it is for forty years to survive the birth of a child.

"Mermaid. Lake of the Dead

Domestic horror movie about a terrible mermaid.

Producer:Svyatoslav Podgaevsky

Cast:Victoria Agalakova, Efim Petrunin, Nikita Yelenev, Cecil Pleasure, Igor Khripunov

The boyfriend Roman falls in love with a mysterious girl he meets in the forest, and does not notice how he is under the power of her powerful and unkind spells. The mermaid in the film is not Ariel Disney, but a Slavic drowned woman who falls in love with herself and lures her underwater possessions.
The Russian horror film is not as weak a genre as it may seem. Horror of Svyatoslav Podgaevsky “The Queen of Spades: Black Rite” and “The Bride” are really scary, they have a suspense, good special effects are available, and mysticism is painfully confused with reality.

"Big scam in a small town"

Comedy about the love of small towns and their inhabitants.

Producer:Massimo Gaudioso

Cast:Fabio Volo, Silvio Orlando, Nando Paone, Carlo Buchcirosso, Miriam Leone

A small Italian town is slowly getting poorer and empty since the mine closed. When businessmen who plan to build a factory arrive in the city, the situation changes. But it can burn out only if a doctor lives in the city all the time.
The city is forced and just for a month comes a cool plastic surgeon, and ingenious residents are doing everything possible to fall in love with a doctor in his little homeland.
Who has not yet learned, this is a remake of the Canadian "Big Deuce" with Brendan Gleason, only with a special Italian flavor.

"Monsters on vacation - 3: The sea is calling"

Cartoon about Dracula, swam in a dangerous cruise.

Producer:Jenndi tartakovski

The third full-length cartoon about the Dracula family continues to fun and kindly scoff at the characters of horror films. Dracula, his daughter and other relatives go on vacation on a luxury cruise ship. The vampire who dreams of meeting the love of his life is completely fascinated by the elegant captain of the ship. But to give way to a stagnant libido will not work, because the sexy commander of the liner is the granddaughter of the famous vampire hunter, who decided to destroy Dracula and his family.

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