Tasty abundance: 10 ideas gourmet canapes

If you are planning a grand event with a large number of guests at your home, it's time to remember the canapes. Attractive in appearance, they can become the highlight of serving. And yet, their main advantage is not in this. It is the canapés, the cooking process of which even a child can master, will ensure abundance at the hospitable table. There are so many options for making them that it’s not difficult to satisfy the requirements of the most refined gourmets. The main thing - the presence of skewers, imagination and the ability to combine products.

Perfectly combined ham with cheese. The main thing is to cut it into thin strips, sufficient to wrap the cheese several times, add a slice of cucumber and a slice of bread.

They look amazingly on a piece of dried calla bread from sausage, supplemented with peeled potatoes and olives. If desired, potatoes are easy to replace with hard cheese.

Spicy mix of mango with shrimp,pickled in olive oil with the addition of sweet pepper, will delight gourmets. For a rich flavor, slices of mango are lightly roasted in olive oil.

We place a piece of pre-cleaned from the bone herring on a slice of rye bread, greased with butter and greens. An additional decoration of such canapes are thin onion plates, lemon or fresh tomato.

A vegetarian version of canapés of cherry, olives and fresh cucumber looks self-sufficient. If desired, it can always be supplemented with hard cheese varieties. For meat-eaters, slices of sausage or ham are also suitable as a supplement.

Another version of canapés for vegetarians with cherry, but now with slices of pickled feta cheese. For the marinade you will need: olive oil, dry basil and hot red pepper. Cut the cheese into cubes for 2 hours in the marinade. Then give the drain. Lightly dry or fry the bread slices. For a more intense taste, you can sprinkle them with the remnants of the marinade. It remains only to collect canapés, consistently stringing: Bulgarian pepper, bread, a piece of cucumber and cherry with cheese.

In this delicacy, the bacon slices slightly stuck in the pan became an appetizing shell for prunes.

And again, seafood. Pre-seasoned pickled marinade for 30-40 minutes is placed on a circle of fresh cucumber or celery. For marinade use: 2 tbsp. l. vegetable oil and wine vinegar, minced clove of garlic, black pepper and salt.

In this assortment of canapes, olives are securely hidden under slices of cheese of different varieties. Some of them are supplemented with ham slices, carrot and sweet pepper decoration.

Canapés with salmon and greens have several effective cooking options. In the first case, butter is spread on slices of bread, and a strip of salmon rolled up with a rose is fixed on top of them. In the second, salmon strips are wrapped in pieces of butter, additionally decorated with red or black caviar.

Bon appetit and festive mood!

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