How to wipe the foam?

Polyurethane foam is a sealant that is also used as an adhesive. That is why its removal from various surfaces seems to be quite problematic. How and how to wipe the mounting foam?

Every year the production of polyurethane foam became more and more perfect. Buy today foam of various types or brands can be in any hardware store. Manufacturers warn in advance that before use, take care of the protection of floors, furniture, hands, clothes, and everything that may be caught in the foam.

The answer to the tormenting question of how to clean the mounting foam will depend on how long the foam has been on the stained surface.

There are 3 states of foam, each of which has its own methods of removal:

  1. Fresh, not yet hardened.
  2. Dried and hardened.
  3. That foam that you have already tried to clean with solvents.

Than wash clean foam, fresh

It is necessary to remove it from hard surfaces by special means.It should not use conventional solvents with acetone, because in this case, the foam remains will be eaten into the surface. And then it will be harder to remove them than if you immediately wash the mounting foam with means that are specifically designed for this. However, at first it may seem that everything was washed off, but then under the influence of the sun's rays, the mounting foam may appear yellow spots. They will be hard to scrub.

To launder the foam, it is better to use special products without acetone, for example, Fenosol S, COSMOFEN, PENOSIL and others, which can be purchased as part of kits designed for window care in any hardware stores or markets. The solvent must be applied to a fresh spot and removed after 15 minutes with a clean sponge. With the remaining marks, you must repeat the procedure or use special wipes. Do not press hard on the surface or rub hard, as this may harm it.

How to remove the mounting foam, dried

First you need to remove it with a knife, and then watch what can be scrubbed. For hardened foams, stronger solvents are used, for example, ORBAFOAM ELIMINADOR, COSMOFEN and others that contain acetone, however, it is not recommended to use acetone to remove such foam in its pure form.

If the spots left over from the foam have eaten into the surface, then they can only be removed by polishing. However, if it is a varnished or glossy surface, then it will not be possible to wipe it off without damage, it only remains to replace it.

Remove foam from hands and clothes

If you do not know how to wash the mounting foam from your hands, then experts recommend not to worry too much, because the foam will wash itself after a couple of days. If your hands are soiled too much, then you can use special wipes, but this should be done fairly carefully. But you can not always wash it off your clothes. It depends on the freshness of the foam left and the quality of the fabric.

Fresh, you can try to remove the means intended for surfaces, but the solvent can greatly damage the fabric. When dry and hardened foam clothing is better to just throw it away.

Therefore, it is better to cover all surfaces in advance and buy a solvent to wash the foam immediately, if anything happens.

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