The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron - The Boy Genius

Jimmy Neutron has an IQ that is 2000. His genius often brings trouble to the boy and those around him. Jimmy's inventions can even cause the end of the world, but his friends help to get out of even the most difficult situations.

All series of the popular animated series �The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, the boy-genius� are available for viewing in the cat-up mode. The American series is a continuation of the full-length cartoon of the same name. In it you will find a lot of scientific and educational jokes, funny moments and an interesting plot that will appeal not only to children, but also to the older generation.

"The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, the boy-genius", which you can watch online, tells about the life of a genius boy, whom his parents called James Isaac Neutron, his friends call him just jimmy. From birth, he was overly gifted, at an early age came up with many inventions. Unfortunately, his genius often gives him some trouble. Jimmy's IQ is 2000, which is a dozen times higher than all possible indicators.His inventions often cause the destruction of the city, annoy his acquaintances and friends, and sometimes cause situations that threaten the existence of the whole world. Fortunately, thanks to his intellect, he himself solves all the problems that have arisen, saving mankind from itself.

Geniuses do not have to be loners. Jimmy in all his endeavors help true friends: a fan of superheroes and comics Shin Estevez and Karl Wither, a nervous guy who is just obsessed with lamas. The genius boy also has a pet - a dog-robot named Goddard, who became Jimmy�s only invention that didn�t turn against him. There wasn�t enough time in the series without competition. Cindy Vortex is constantly competing with Neutron for the title of the most brilliant child, in character she is very similar to himself. In secret, she is in love with a boy, and later he realizes that he is not indifferent to his girlfriend. Heroes will have to go through many incredible adventures and fight the most intelligent and dangerous enemies. But there is nothing that they can not do when the guys together.

Interesting Facts

Three special episodes appeared in the animated series, which were shown in Russia not as part of the plot, but independently, after the second season.All of them are confined to important holidays and are shown on Nickelodeon only these days. The episode "Love Drink # 926J" can be viewed only on February 14, on Valentine's Day. The plot revolves around the invention of a love potion, which undoubtedly led to sad consequences. Because of him, Jimmy fell deeply in love with his rival Cindy, and his friend Carl - with Neutron's mom.

The Christmas for Jimmy series was shown only on Christmas Eve. Neutron does not believe in Santa Claus and decides to prove that that does not exist. He goes to the residence of the wizard - at the North Pole. Now the boy has to replace the fairytale character and save the kind and wonderful holiday and the faith of all the children.

The episode "Nightmare in Retroville" is shown only in Halloween. On the eve of the holiday Shin and Karl get the costumes of a werewolf and a vampire, a new invention of a boy-genius. Things are not going according to plan, the guys actually become the monsters they portray. Until the irreparable happened, Jimmy has to save friends.

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