The coolest berets, hats and hats of this winter

Tell me honestly, do you like to wear hats? The answer is no, of course, is accepted, because almost every one of us has a teenager in the shower denying any hats contrary to parental settings, or an elegant lady, for whom styling is something like morning exercises or a glass of water before breakfast. The answer “yes” also explains a lot: you simply do not want to freeze or have been watching fashion blogs for a long time and are up to date with the latest trends. One of them is a cult and respect for headdresses. And, fortunately, the choice is very sweeping.

The most ordinary hats

A versatile, practical and very familiar-looking hat, or bini, as you can still call it, is a must have of the season, however strange it may sound. Wool, angora, knitwear - any option superfluous. Of course, many people dislike them because of the proven property of depressing their hair, but if you adapt and just in case take a hairgum, a comb or a light spray that can revive curls, you can avoid misunderstandings.As for the rest of the clothes, there are no written rules like this: such a hat can be worn with anything other than, probably, a tracksuit with sneakers. Well, if only you didn’t think of dressing as a catwalk beauty in the style of Gosha Rubchinsky and forcing the passers-by to unwittingly press the bag with the phone closer to yourself ... The most attractive models of such caps are from both Alexander Wang and Fausto Puglisi.

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