The diet and the menu of the nursing mother in the first month

Every woman after the appearance of a child in the family asks questions. Among them, and the question "what can I eat nursing mother after childbirth?". According to most, a strict diet is needed. In fact, there are no products, the use of which Mummy leads to the appearance of negative consequences for the baby.

There are groups of products that cause complications. This is often due to the individual location of the mother and the child.

If mom listens to the signals of the body and she wants to eat something, why not try? The main thing is not to overdo it and monitor the reaction of the child. If the reaction of the digestive system or the skin of the child is inadequate, it is recommended to think about what product caused it and discard it.

In the future, the reaction of the baby will change, and the products that caused a negative reaction during the first quarter of feeding, may not affect the state.

Nursing mother's diet

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At the initial stage of life, the child's body needs minerals and vitamins, which are contained in food.

We can not say that the diet of a nursing mother is extremely severe. If you are a newly mummy or just planning a pregnancy, the material will come in handy.

The habitual diet should be changed, and any product prohibited during the feeding period should be replaced by a useful analog. What is important is the caloric intake and portion size.

  • First of all, give up fried foods, preferring baked, boiled or steamed dishes. Products after such processing retain beneficial substances. Have you ever eaten potato in your uniform? It's time to remember this easy to prepare and healthy delicacy.
  • Eat small meals, but more often than usual and with snacks. The intensity of milk production depends on the nutrition of the body. Do not forget, an excessive amount of food not only harms lactation, but also accumulates on the body in the form of body fat. When choosing a meal, be guided by calories and benefits. Move the taste and opinion of advisers into the background.
  • During the formulation of the diet, discard products that contain chemical additives and preservatives. It does not hurt to give up exotic fruits and vegetables.After birth, the female body is weak, and the assimilation of rare products provides for additional hormone production. Unknown and the reaction of the mother and child to a similar food. I do not advise to risk.
  • Composing a diet, remember that food should be varied. Eat fish and lean meat, they have a lot of protein. Include pasta, cereals, cereals, and wholemeal bread in the diet. This food increases the activity of the intestines, which is important for mommy and baby.
  • Fresh, boiled, baked fruits and vegetables, including gooseberries, zucchini, plums, pumpkin, apples, should be included in the diet. They will assist the intestines in the fight against toxins, accelerate the excretion of gases. Such food will saturate the mother's milk with important vitamins.
  • Do not forget about fermented milk products, ryazhenka, kefir, cottage cheese and cheese. This group is a source of calcium, which speeds up the process of recovering mothers after childbirth and benefits the baby. Use whole milk with caution, as it can cause allergies or gas in your child. If you can not do without it, dilute with boiled water.
  • Juice, tea, water, compote - liquid products that help increase the amount of milk.They saturate it with vitamins and help eliminate toxins and salts from the body.
  • Consume sweets carefully. Sugar does not bring good, because of it, the mother will gain weight, and the child will be allergic. If you really want a sweet, treat yourself to homemade dried fruits. They are useful, safe for the figure and suitable for snacking.

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I hope you have no more questions about the preparation of the diet during lactation. In the future, you will return to the previous diet and be able to spoil the body with goodies and goodies. Have a little patience.

Menu nursing mom in the first month

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In the menu of a nursing mother in the first month should include foods that ensure normal nutrition of the baby.

There are many opinions on the proper nutrition of nursing mothers. Some believe that you can eat everything, while others advise to limit the diet. None of the opinions are completely correct. To ensure that the body receives nutrients, the nutrition of the nursing mother must be thoughtful and diverse.

  1. Protein food. Eat meat necessarily. We are talking about boiled white poultry meat and lean sorts of beef and pork.
  2. Boiled fish. I recommend eating fish once a week, preferring carp, pike perch or heck.
  3. Fruits and vegetables. Eat pumpkin, carrot, beets, pears and green apples daily. They have a lot of fiber, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.
  4. Sweets. Reduce sugar intake, and do not eat pastry at all. Sometimes indulge yourself with marmalade or marshmallow.
  5. Beverages. In the period of breastfeeding drink mineral water without gas. Sweet carbonated drinks have a bad effect on the figure. Do not drink water from the tap, which is saturated with harmful impurities.
  6. Natural juices. Without preservatives and glucose. Doctors advise to drink apple juice, bypassing the juice from grapes or tomatoes. Prefer home-made juices.
  7. Dairy. In dairy products, including homemade yogurt, a lot of calcium. Therefore, during the first month, consume them necessarily, with the exception of whole milk. Cow's milk is a strong allergen. If you want milk, eat a little cottage cheese or unsweetened cheese.

Menu for the day

Start the day with a glass of kefir and a small amount of wafer biscuits. For the second breakfast, mashed potatoes are combined with boiled turkey.For noon, steam makers are considered to be an excellent solution, and soup with meatballs and rice with vegetables will be served for dinner. For the evening meal, cook boiled chicken and carrot-apple salad.

The options for the daily menu for nursing mothers are many. Make it yourself, guided by the products listed.

Summing up, I note that there are products that are not recommended to eat during breastfeeding. These are sweet pastries, tropical fruits, milk, red apples, sugar and alcohol, smoked and fried dishes, spicy seasonings.

What you can eat nursing mom

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Continuing the discussion exciting for many moms, we'll talk separately about whether it is possible for a nursing mother to eat certain foods. I will consider the main products in relation to which a large number of questions appear. I will be based on the recommendations of doctors.

  • Sunflower seeds. Breastfeeding mothers are advised to eat unsalted seeds, as they contain many useful substances, but in reasonable quantities. Otherwise, it may be constipated in mom and baby. Excessive use of seeds increases the fat content of milk, which causes colic in a child.
  • Watermelon. Not prohibited if mature.
  • . Doctors recommend drinking a drink to nursing mothers, as it stimulates the production of milk. The main thing is not strong. The best solution is green or special tea.
  • Bananas. During lactation, eating bananas is allowed if the child does not have a negative reaction. It's about a rash, a bad dream and an altered stool. Bananas - an antidepressant, a source of vitamins and anesthetic in one bottle. Two things a day - the optimal rate.
  • Cabbage. According to the recommendations of doctors, there is no cabbage during the first month after giving birth, because it increases the formation of gases. Enter it into the diet from the fifth month.
  • Persimmon. During the first quarter, it is not advised to eat, as it causes constipation. Enter into the diet is recommended simultaneously with the introduction of complementary foods. Use only soft and ripe fruits.
  • Apples. When lactating mom is recommended to eat apples, because they are rich in vitamins, iron and iodine. Green apples are allowed to eat with the peel, and red - after pre-cleaning, as the skin of the allergens.
  • Beet. The diet of a nursing mother welcomes the use of boiled vegetables, as they are rich in calcium and iodine. But do not forget about compliance measures.
  • Cucumbers. Pediatricians do not recommend fresh vegetables to their mother during lactation, as it increases the formation of gases and causes flatulence. The same applies to lightly salted and pickled cucumbers. From these delicacies for a while it is better to forget.
  • Compote. Drink from homemade dried fruits - a source of fluid for the mother, which increases milk production. In it you can add a little sugar, vanilla or cinnamon. The main thing is that the child reacts normally.
  • Pumpkin. Vegetable should be included in the diet of nursing moms, as it contains rare vitamins "T" and "K", a lot of calcium. It is recommended to eat stewed, baked or boiled.
  • . In the cheese is concentrated a lot of useful trace elements. When lactation, which it improves, you must eat it. The exception is salted cheeses and cheeses with additives and mold.
  • Grapes. Pediatric doctors do not recommend eating grapes, as it increases gas production. To enter it into food is allowed in the fourth month in a small amount. Regularly monitor the child's reaction, because the grapes, like avocados, change the composition of the mother's blood, and these changes along with the milk are transmitted to the baby.
  • Tomatoes. Vegetable is prohibited during lactation. The composition includes a red pigment, which is a strong allergen, and fresh tomatoes cause colic in a child.
  • . Nursing mom, this drink is better not to use. There is some alcohol in it, but it is available. Alcohol quickly enters the bloodstream, will be transmitted to the child at lightning speed and badly affects his health.
  • Chocolate. It is better to forget about this delicacy for a while. It leads to allergies in children. It contains the alkaloid of caffeine, which causes the baby anxiety and excitement.
  • Halva. The product is natural and is not prohibited during lactation. Even in small amounts, it sometimes causes bloating in the baby and increases the fat content of breast milk. Eat halva, tracking the reaction of the child.
  • Salty. From salty foods during lactation, I recommend to refuse. Salt retains moisture in the body and exerts pressure on the work of the kidneys of the mother and child. Meal with salted salmon is better to postpone.
  • Sweet. Sweets contain a lot of carbohydrates. These substances have on the work of the systems and organs of the baby load, so eat sweet is not worth it. In extreme cases, treat yourself to dried fruits.

We reviewed the list of common products and found out which of them nursing mothers are allowed to include in the diet. Do not forget that each organism is individual and those or other products that do not cause a reaction in one baby, cause discomfort to another child.

How to keep a food diary

In conclusion, I will add that a nursing mother will not interfere with keeping a diary. It will help balance the diet and look at the diet from a different angle. When an allergy occurs in a child, you can at any time familiarize yourself with the records and determine its cause.

If any food causes an allergic reaction, I do not advise you to completely refuse it. Exclude from the diet for a couple of months, and then try again. There are cases when children outgrow allergies.

Colic is a problem that babies face during the first months of life. During this period, make a diet especially carefully. By recording a child’s reaction to a particular product in a diary, you will make your life easier. If there is an individual reaction to a particular food, it is possible that this food will affect the child in the same way.

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The breastfeeding period is an opportunity to analyze nutrition and take measures to improve the diet.

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