The funniest phobias

This may seem surprising, but not all people seek joy. There are those who are afraid of having fun, hedonophobes are awaiting punishment from higher powers for this. Evpofoby afraid of good news, hellophobes - laughter. Dorofobes avoid receiving gifts and do not give them themselves.
While some people go crazy over cats and dogs and post their photos on social networks, others do not feel love for furry pets, because they are terribly afraid of them, or rather, fur. Dorafobians are afraid that after touching the fur of an animal, they themselves will become covered with wool.
Not so easy for those shopping lovers who are terrified of mannequins. Fear of dolls, robots, and any imitations of people is called pediophobia.
Also unlucky for women who have an inexplicable fear of mirrors (eizoptrofobiyu). Interestingly, the beauties, he also occurs.
Suffer from mageyrofophoby tend to visit restaurants more often, because afraid to cook. Among such people there are both men and women.Also there is lacanophobia - the fear of vegetables, forcing people to deprive themselves of vitamins.
The uneasy relationship between husband / wife and mother-in-law / mother-in-law is one of the favorite topics of satirists and humorists. There is also penteraphobia - the fear of mother-in-law or mother-in-law.
There are men who are afraid of women - this is gynecofobia. And some are afraid only of beautiful women - this is venustrafobiya, thanks to which women dissatisfied with their appearance can find a life partner among men with similar fear. But at the same time it is desirable that a man not also have a philophobia - fear of falling in love.
Bibliophobia manifests itself in the fear of libraries and books. For example, some people fear that an open book will suck them inside. Others are afraid of computers and the Internet - cyber phobia and internet phobia.
There are people who would never agree to go with you to the museum, where modern works of art are exhibited - they have ercine-phobia.
There are also “mystical” phobias: paraxavidecatriophobia - fear of Friday the 13th, hexacosiohexacontahexaphobia - fear of the number 666. Phasmophobes are afraid to see the goblin, the devil, the ghost or another otherworldly creature.People with hierophobia are afraid of priests, temples, sacred objects, because they consider themselves obsessed. Paphos are afraid of the Pope.

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