The idea of ​​creating an original budget chair cover

Author: Maria Kochnova

Today I want to share a very simple and budget idea for the restoration / decoration of a chair! Or rather, we will get a removable cover for less than 200 rubles, which can be easily washed and even ironed!

For a classic chair with 4 legs, this master class is also suitable! My chair is nothing at all for 2 months! Choosing him in the store, I knew in advance that Kuzma would get to him, because the upholstery material has the whole soul to have a cat manicure “about him”! Yes, and any speck of dust sticks at times. But it was love at first sight! I do not know the chair is more comfortable! Design - srail, the price is ridiculous, the decision - to take. As expected, less than a month ... Actually, the work of the master:

White fluffy master clawmaster himself:

So, let's start!

We need such wonderful cotton rugs 40 × 70 cm. I was lucky, they just fit the size of my chair. I bought them in Leroy Merlin for 56 (!) Rubles.

Rugs, of course, original, not everyone will probably come to taste. But I really like them! I see many advantages in them: the material is cotton, soft and pleasant, it is possible to wash and iron. The colors are completely different, to choose from. You can pick up a darker gamut or lighter, pastel or bright.

We will also need:

  • Threads to sew rugs among themselves.
  • Needle, respectively.
  • Pins (optional).
  • Scissors - where without them.

We begin to figure out how we will look like a cover. In this case, I will need 3 mats.

Sew the first 2 carpets.

Tip: Do not cut the brushes under the root, only to the nodule. It did not immediately come to me that the nodules hold the entire structure, and if they are cut off, the entire carpet will begin to unravel.

Now sew on the sides.

A cap lover shows that it is longer than a rug.

We take the carpet, put it on a chair and sew it to another carpet at the base of the back.

In this condition, you can leave the chair. Honestly, he stayed with me for about 3 weeks. I can say that the cat's chair is no longer fighting, moreover, it is now one of my favorite places to sleep. But something I missed, and for the master class somehow boring.I'll attach the brushes! It would seem crazy what brushes? It's like a red rag, just for a cat! It took 2 days, the cat does not touch the brush, I hope it will.

Let's make small tassels on the sides of the seat and large sides on the back. It is very simple. Need yarn. I have an acrylic "Pehorka" 50 g 200 m. I bought it completely for another, but it was perfect for decorating the chair.

We wind yarn with 8 fingers for 8-12 turns. Leave a tip a little more so that they can be tied with yarn, and then tied to a rug. We slip, as in the second photo, our tip; we twist the yarn perpendicular a couple of times and tie it (3 photos). We take one more not very long thread and fasten it to make the head of our brush (4 and 5 photos). Cut the strings from the bottom. Done!

The number of brushes can be any, as you like. I did 6 stuff on one side and 6 on the other. Turquoise turned out curly and funny, because here I am learning to knit and used yarn for my undertakings. Who knew that thin yarn is not for beginners.

Bind to the rug!

And then I suffered! I have to make a pigtail, I thought, and did. We take our yarn, combine 2 colors.Somewhere meter 3-3.5 we wind off and put in 4 layers. You should get a 80 +/- rope centimeters. Making 3 jokes.

And then we weave an ordinary pigtail. Pins fasten it to the side of the back of the chair and sew.

I made three pigtails. Two on the sides, and one in front of the seat.

More brushes! Do more, but bigger size! Now we need 4 fingers and 50 windings. The principle is the same.

I decided to make 3 brushes on each side. It remains only to sew.

Voila! That's what we did.

I still have a fourth rug, and, in my opinion, it looks great on the table. And how nice to put on him, and not on a cold table hands. And Kuzma Kuzmich lies on it the only way!

In just a few hours, we had such an interesting, bright, natural and practical case! And most importantly, for a ridiculous price! 3 mats = 168 rubles. The cost of yarn - 116 rubles for 2 pieces, from the yarn we used about 1/4, that is, 29 rubles. Total 197 rubles! In my opinion, great!

I hope this master-class was useful to you! Taking this opportunity, I want to congratulate you on the old New Year! Create, make, invent new ideas and implement them!

See you soon!

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