The most fashionable and stylish bags of 2016

The bag is a very important accessory, because, firstly, it often completes or complements the image, and secondly, it greatly facilitates the life of a woman. And as the fashion trends are constantly changing, you should always be aware of. Find out which bags will be relevant in 2016!


First of all, it is worth choosing a suitable style bag. In 2016, the following variations are in trend:

  • Clutches, and bright and bold, for example, in the style of punk. And especially relevant models on massive chains, decorated with rivets or spikes. Moreover, designers advise to combine them with feminine clothes, for example, fitting knitwear or flowing and light chiffon dresses. This contrast emphasizes femininity and makes the image more vivid.
  • They are suitable for active girls or, for example, young mothers, who need to carry with them a lot of things necessary for a child.
  • Shoulder pocket. Such a bag really looks like a pocket that fits comfortably on (or through) the shoulder and is well fixed. And it is very practical and convenient.
  • This year, the designers took care of the active representatives of the weaker sex and decided to almost completely free their hands. In many collections of famous brands are often handy bags that can be attached to the belt.
  • Huge bags have been used for several seasons in a row bag-bags, and in 2016 they will remain relevant. And this model, by the way, is one of the most capacious ones that modern girls and women will appreciate exactly (you can put so many things inside that you do not have to think about any more what to refuse).
  • Do you categorically dislike bags or suffer from back pain due to such accessories? Modern designers also have not cheated you and others like you by creating ultramodern and stylish backpacks. And especially popular are leathers of the most simple styles and shapes. By the way, the backpack does not necessarily combine with clothes exclusively sports style. It can be worn both with jeans and trousers, and with skirts and even romantic dresses. Choose the right model and create a stylish youth look!
  • Bags "a la postman" with a long strap also remain in trend.And especially they are loved by young representatives of the fair sex.
  • Bags-trapezes also do not come off the fashion podiums. Besides the fact that they are quite roomy and comfortable, this unusual shape can dilute even the most boring image.
  • In the trend, flat rectangular bags resembling envelopes or folders. Practical and roomy you can not call them, but the fact that they look stylish, just can not argue. Surely such a model will appreciate business women who have nowhere to put important documents.
  • Bag-boxes. This original model is able to complement an extravagant outfit or dilute a casual or office look. Spaciousness, by the way, is quite normal, at least everything that is most needed inside will fit exactly.
  • In 2016, designers pleased with bags of the most unusual forms, and sometimes quite unexpected ones. Thus, models in the form of sponges for washing dishes, drums, petals, pouches, hearts, and so on were presented in the collections of fashion houses. Try experimenting with you!
  • Bags with a semicircular bottom. Put them on a flat surface will not work, but it looks so feminine, neat, nice and soft, that you can forgive any other flaws.
  • «Bag in the bag».This model is very original, because looking at it, you might think that the owner placed one accessory in another or connected two objects.

But how to determine among such a variety? Knowing the fashion trends of 2016 is not enough, you need to take into account the rhythm and lifestyle, clothing style, and preferences when choosing a bag. So, if you prefer femininity and romance, then choose a small handbag.

If you are in the first place capacity, then pick up the volume model. In general, the bag should fit you perfectly and be as comfortable as possible to use.


In the cold season, bags made of fur or at least with fur elements are especially popular. And it is not at all necessary to buy an expensive product made of natural fur, it is quite suitable and artificial, especially as modern manufacturers have learned how to imitate any materials and achieve almost one hundred percent compliance. And especially actual will be painted fur, and in the most unimaginable colors!

The skin is still in trend, but not ordinary, but more original, for example, crocodile or snake. But textiles are not as popular as they used to be.This is probably due to the fact that this material is not at all practical. Although dense waterproof fabric is fine.

Colors and prints

The current season pleases with a variety not only in styles, but also in colors, and this can be seen in the photo from fashion shows. It's just a riot of colors! Such fashionable shades as mint and indigo are especially popular.

But pay attention to the shades of green, they were presented with many bags that can be worn in the spring. Summer models can be even brighter, for example, orange, yellow or blue.

Prints also allow you to experiment. Various animalistic patterns, such as a python, leopard, crocodile or zebra strip, are still in vogue. Also relevant geometric patterns, abstract and floral. And on the bag can be a whole masterpiece in the form of an image of a bird or a wild animal.


Decor is not only appropriate, but sometimes mandatory, and even if you choose a model for every day.

Especially popular decorative items:

  • Fringe in fashion for several seasons in a row, and famous designers still can not give up on it,so she fell in love with everything! But you shouldn't overdo it, otherwise your accessory will look like some kind of mop or disheveled wig. One or two bands of fringe will suffice.
  • Children's applications. Yes, yes, if you want to look stylish and, importantly, young, then get a model, for example, with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or another cartoon character. But it is desirable to combine it with casual wear, and not with strict suits or evening dresses.
  • Stones, with very different sizes from small to very large. They can be multicolored, sparkling and assembled into whole compositions. In general, everything is as girls love.
  • Embroidery is also in fashion. Animals, birds, or even portraits or whole landscapes can be embroidered.
  • Metal fittings. If earlier such details were attributed exclusively to coarse styles, today, on the contrary, they are combined with feminine garments, thereby creating interesting and stylish contrasts.


Some useful tips:

  • If in past seasons it was decided to pick up bags for shoes, in the current one, clothing is taken as the main criterion.And you need to achieve almost complete coincidence, and not only in color but also in print. As a result, you can create a perfectly harmonious tandem!
  • In the arsenal of any self-respecting girl there should be several bags for all occasions, so it’s not worth being limited to one model.
  • It is very important to choose the right size. And it will depend not only on capacity, but also on your build. You should not allow strong contrasts, so if you are a miniature girl, then the bag should be small.

Now you can definitely buy a fashionable and stylish bag!

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