Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to sleep on the bed. In order to save space in most apartments, couches are used as sleeping places. Since sleep is the main guarantee of health and almost a third of life is spent on it, you need to carefully consider choosing a sofa for everyday sleep in the MebelDom store.

The most important parameters when choosing a sofa:


The mattress must be orthopedic, not too soft. The thickness should ideally exceed 20 centimeters, filling it - multi-layer. It is also a sign of durability. Foam sofas for daily sleep are not suitable - the material is unreliable, it quickly subsides, creating dangerous conditions for the spine. Spring sofas - classic. They are harder than foam, therefore they have orthopedic properties. Thanks to modern technology, spring sofas do not creak. Mixed (spring-foam rubber) - a good choice. They are quite durable and suggest optimal comfort for sleep.In a good sofa, all areas should be of the same rigidity.


In addition to the soft parts of the sofa, it is necessary to assess the build quality, the reliability of components. A good sofa, which you can find in the Mebeld store, should last at least 7 years, although many inherit this piece of furniture by children.


Given the fact that it is necessary to lay out the sofa daily, special attention should be paid to the way the sofa is laid out. So as not to break your back, it is better to choose the most lightweight options. It is recommended to choose a sofa with a roomy box for bed linen.


Besides the aesthetic perception of the sofa (which may seem insignificant to someone) and the combination with the interior of the room, it is important to take into account the constant friction of the head, pillows, legs on the armrests and the back of the sofa. Since the sofa is assembled during the daytime, gray stripes will look extremely sloppy. Dry cleaning the sofa - the pleasure is not cheap. Therefore, for everyday sleep, it is better to prefer a non-marking coating of dark tones from fabric or eco-leather. Psychologists recommend choosing warm colors for sleep.Models of beige and brown gamma fit in almost any interior.


With regard to cost, then skimp on the purchase of a sofa that will play the role of a permanent bed, not worth it. However, you need to take a closer look at what the price comes from - if it is a matter of a brand, design or upholstery material, then there is no point in overpaying. But the increase in the cost for the quality of the mattress is justified.


Choosing a sofa is best in a furniture store. With all the eloquent description of it on the Internet site, this is not the way out. Couch need to touch, sit and lie on it. The person who will sleep on it, it is necessary to test the unfolding when buying, if it is difficult, it is better to choose another option.

Given the rich choice and a huge number of manufacturers, it is not difficult to find a sofa to taste. And thanks to the Internet, you can read customer reviews and evaluate which model will be most suitable.

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