The most interesting films of the actress Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer is one of those actresses who can not be called ordinary, her talent goes ahead of the girl herself, fame and popularity are just boiling around her name, and new films with her participation are always something unusual, interesting and bright, worthy viewer attention.

Sometimes it's hard to believe that this brilliant actress is only 25 years old, she has already managed to get an Oscar statuette, and also to get the title of the youngest actress who already participated in the nomination for her four times already!

Surprisingly, the Jenny family has a very mediocre relationship to the world of cinema and art, but the girl at the age of 14 was firmly determined what she wanted to become in the future. It is necessary to pay tribute, the parents did not wave off the daughter's dreams and quickly accompanied her to New York to meet with agents who, it must be said, immediately appreciated her potential.

Since then, Jennifer has never parted the world of cinema,participating first in the serials and films on the sidelines, where her talent was quickly noticed and, voila! Today, the name of Jennifer Lawrence, perhaps, is unknown only to the most backward from the world of the film industry. We decided to recall the top 10 best films with her participation, the most interesting and exciting, which brought her worldwide fame to the actress.

  1. "Winter Bone", 2010In fact, the first serious role of Jennifer, which, by the way, brought her popularity, as well as the first nomination for the most desirable and prestigious Oscar. The actress plays the role of a young girl Rea, who, due to the circumstances, had to take care of her sick mother, as well as her little brother and sister, with difficulty making ends meet. "Maslitsa" is added to the fire by a father, a drug dealer, who pawns their house and disappears. The girl will have to go through a difficult path to achieve justice and find a negligent dad.
  2. “How crazy”, 2011. An ambiguous and unusual picture that may not be suitable for everyone, but will definitely find its own circle of popularity. The story of the life and love of two students who had to leave for many years, but, by chance, fate will bring their fate again.
  3. "X-Men: First Class", 2011This is exactly the film that brought Jenny the first rays of world fame, where she played the role of an amazing "Mystic" in her "blue" line. After the premiere of this film, Lawrence's life changed radically, despite the fact that the role was secondary.
  4. The Hunger Games, 2012The first part of the famous franchise, which was completed in 2015, finally approved the popularity of Lawrence on the world Olympus of Fame. Jennifer played the role of a young girl Katniss, who was not so lucky in life: she was born in a despotic state of the future and she is sent to participate in the annual survival slaughter. 40 girls claimed the role of Katniss, but of all of them, according to the creators, only Lawrence could feel the inner world of the heroine.
  5. “My boyfriend is crazy”, 2012This year was incredibly fruitful for Jenny, because it was for this tragicomedy that she was nominated and nevertheless received the coveted Oscar statuette. Her partner on the set was the talented actor Bradley Cooper, who, by the way, will work with Lawrence more than once on joint projects. And, I must say, they are very good at it: it’s definitely worth watching, because there is a lot in it - laughter, tears, depth of thought, nice picture, and good actors.
  6. “The Hunger Games: And the flames will flare up”, 2013A continuation that is no worse than a sensational first part. Here Jennifer revealed her talent and skill even more, and the plot of the ribbon is twisted more and more sharply and more interestingly.
  7. “American scam”, 2013An excellent example of reincarnation: from the brave warrior girl, which is shown in the sensational “Hunger Games”, Jenny masterfully transforms into a slightly distraught, rich housewife. The film itself is literally overflowing with talented actors, and is also equipped with a high-quality plot based on real events.
  8. Serena, 2014And again the brilliant work of the acting duet: Jennifer and the charismatic Bradley Cooper. In the center of the picture is the spectacular beauty Serena, who falls in love and marries the owner of the logging empire, George. And everyone seems to be happy, exactly until George starts serious problems and financial difficulties at work, and Serena loses her unborn child ...
  9. "The Hunger Games. Jay Mockingbird, both parts, 2014-2015The two final parts of the franchise, which, although they were divided by the creators into two, carry a general idea.Jenny reincarnates again into a brave warrior, a girl who has managed to change the harsh mechanism of the system and go against the rules of a cruel empire.
  10. Joy 2015On account of this is the fourth film, where the actress starred with Cooper, as well as the third, where the inimitable Robert De Niro takes part. Jennifer was nominated for an Oscar for her role, and the film received very encouraging reviews from critics. In the center of the picture is the real story of a young single mother who had to “grow” out of her difficult life and turn into a successful business woman.
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