The most interesting games on paper

In our childhood and childhood of our parents, board games on paper occupied a separate place in the entertainment sphere, because then there were no computers and consoles, and the children were entertaining themselves as best they could.

Interestingly, at that time special collections of books were not published, where all board games with rules and recommendations would be listed, all this sat in our head, passing each other the secrets of such games during the game itself.

For most of these toys it was enough to get a piece of paper and a couple of pencils, after which the rapid gameplay began, the excitement overpowered, and such entertainment was delayed for long evenings.

Alternative to computer

Today, in the age of global computerization, such games are undeservedly forgotten, because many of them are quite capable of entertaining, like two bored people, and a whole noisy company.

There are often situations when you have a pen and paper under your hands, for example, you eat several days in a train or just while away winter evenings without the Internet.Than to sit and be bored, it is better to entertain yourself with the best board games on paper, from the huge variety of which you can always choose those that are more to your taste.

Tic tac toe

By the way, if you didn’t know, playing on paper is not just a great field of entertainment when there are no other options around. It is also an easy and fascinating way to develop memory, logic and imagination! Most of them are based on the geometric sciences, the ancient sciences and very useful for human development.

Here is an amazing thing - playing them is much nicer and more fun than solving math problems, and the result from such a process is impressive! Hard to believe it? It is not difficult to check: choose any toy you like and spend time with benefits!

"Sea battle"

Battleship is probably one of the most popular and fascinating games on paper, not without reason; it formed the basis of many computer battles, where, of course, not on a piece of paper, but in the present sea space, there is a battle with enemy ships.


To win in such a battle, let it take place only on a piece of paper, you need to train your own memory, as well as adhere to certain tactics. So the rules are:

  • In this game you can play only two players.To do this, you need to prepare two separate sheets of paper, as well as a pen for each player. Each player draws on his sheet two squares of 10x10 cells or 5x5 cm. Each square is numbered from the left and the upper side, from left to right - in Latin alphabet, and from top to bottom with ordinary numbers, from 1 to 10.
  • Then the most interesting - the placement of ships. A total of 10 ships can take part in the game: 4 single-deck ships (1x1 cage), 3 double-deck vessels (3x1 cage), 2 three-deck (3x1 cage) and 1 four-deck vessel (4x1 cage). These ships must be arranged in their own field (left square), following several basic rules. First, ships can not be placed so that they touch edges or even corners. Secondly, they can not be placed diagonally, only vertically or horizontally, the number of ships is strictly regulated.
  • The second field is designed to make notes about the flotilla that your enemy controls. The ship is “killed” if each of its cells has already been shot down, and “wounded” if the enemy has hooked on any one of them.Players "shoot" in turn, calling the coordinates of the cell, where, in their opinion, the enemy ship can be located. For example, if one of the players calls “d2” and the opponent has the ship located at these coordinates, then he must say “wounded” and sketch this cell or “killed” if the ship was completely sunk.
  • If one of the players hit the target, then he has the right to repeat the move. It makes sense to continue the game until one of the players has sunk all the ships.


An excellent game for two, which is good at developing logic and tactical thinking. The playing field will serve you a piece of paper in a cage to reduce the space, it can be squared, thereby reducing the game time.

Each player must stock up a handle of a certain color, for example, red and blue. Then, in turn, each puts points at the intersection of the cells, the goal of the game is to acquire, as large as possible, the playing space. Territory can be considered captured only if it is completely surrounded by points of its color.


The captured territory can be enclosed with a fortress wall (bold line), and inside it can be painted over with its own color.If you managed to dot the territory of a different color (opponent), then it is yours. Even if the enemy conquers the same territory later, he will not be able to use these points.

After the capture, the player must be granted the right of an extra turn. At the end of the game it is necessary to calculate the captured territories and determine the winner, most often, the result can be seen with the naked eye.


Excellent game or sheet for the whole company, you can easily play it, like the two of us, the three of us, the four of us, and so on. On a piece of paper in the cell in the middle write out any word, for example, cucumber. Players must do their turns in turn: for each time, the player in the free cells must enter a new word that will intersect with one of the existing ones.


Words can be read in any direction, except for the diagonal, for each new word the player should receive as many points as the letters in it. So that players do not get confused and do not repeat words, they must be separately written in a column. The game ends when the playing space ends, and the one with the most points wins.


For the game you need two players, a sheet and a pen. The meaning of the game is to guess the word that one of the players made. The one who made the word draws cells in such quantity on an empty sheet of paper as there are letters in the word. A schematic drawing of the gallows with a loop is drawn next to it.


When such preparation is ready, the guessing player says the letter, if it is in the intended word, then we enter it in the appropriate box. If there is no such cell, then we write it out separately, so as not to forget, and in the picture with the gallows we depict some part of the body, for example, a circle, we will start from the head.

Then we play by the same principle until the word is guessed or the drawing on the gallows is completed. You can play and three of us, competing in speed, who will be the first to guess the intended word.

Play games on paper with pleasure!

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