The most popular dishes of Tatar cuisine

Tatar cuisine is a special kind of culinary art that developed over many centuries and was carefully passed down from generation to generation. Tatar cuisine is honored not only by nationals, but by representatives from all corners of the globe, especially Eastern Europe. And this is not surprising! Its range includes a lot of exquisite and simple delicacies that delight even the most fastidious gourmet.

Tatar cuisine boasts delicious liquid hot dishes: soups and broths.

Broth, in Tatar, it is called shulpa, it happens:

  • meat (on meat);
  • milk (on milk);
  • lean (in vegetable oil).

The soup is brewed on the basis of one of the broths and seasoned with various products. The type of filling depends on the type of soups, and in particular:

  • flour;
  • groats;
  • flour and vegetable;
  • cereals and vegetables;
  • vegetable.

Tatar cuisine did not ignore the various cereals: from wheat cereals, buckwheat, oatmeal, rice, peas, etc.

A prerequisite for any (everyday or festive) meal is the submission of a sacred dish - bread baking from yeast dough, for example, bread called Ikmak.

A culinary feature of Tatar cuisine is serving as:

  • I dishes - tokmach;
  • II dishes - boiled meat (chicken, lamb ...), chopped into large slices + boiled potatoes.

If the dinner party, then it does not do without the rich traditional pilaf and meat - cereal Belish.

The Magnificent Seven

We present to your attention the popular recipes of seven Tatar dishes, which can be easily prepared at home.


Before creating this masterpiece, please:

  • kilogram of offal (liver + heart + lungs);
  • rice or buckwheat groats (half a cup);
  • one testicle;
  • several bulbs;
  • 0.5 liters of milk or broth;
  • rock salt and black pepper;
  • gut (it goes like a cavity for the filling).

Process of creation:

  • Prepare by-products by washing and cutting them. Peel the bulbs.
  • Torsion with a mincer and put everything in the bowl.
  • Into the twisted mass, beat the contents of the egg, add a sufficient amount of pepper and salt, boiled rice or buckwheat porridge and chilled milk or broth. Mix well. It should make a liquid filling.
  • Fill the bowel cavity and tie both ends of it.
  • Simmer until tender, cool, cut into slices and place on a plate.
  • Eat as a second dish.

Tatar plov

By tradition, Tatar pilaf is prepared from:

  • mutton (low-fat) - 200 gr;
  • margarine - 30 g;
  • tomato sauce or pasta - 30 grams;
  • clean water - 1.5-2 cups;
  • rice cereal - 140 gr;
  • several bulbs;
  • bay leaf, pepper, rock salt - all to taste.

Cook like this:

  • wash the meat, cut into large slices, salt, pepper and fry;
  • put everything in a saucepan, cover with water, melted margarine and tomato.
  • add well-washed rice, chopped onions and spices to the boiling liquid;
  • cook, stirring occasionally;
  • remove from heat and allow the rice to infuse.

Tip: Some chefs add chopped vegetables or fruits instead of gravy.

Remarks- This is a national pastry based on unleavened or yeast dough.

For stuffing you will need: meat (beef or lamb) - 0.5 kilograms, three onions, salt, pepper and some cold liquid (milk or water).

For frying: vegetable oil.

Dough: yeast or unleavened.

Cooking process:

  • prepare minced meat: twist meat and onions through a meat grinder, add spices and a little milk or water to the mixture;
  • divide the dough into balls, sprinkle with flour and flatten to form flat cakes;
  • put a filling on each cake, lift and connect the edges, leaving a small hole;
  • fry each product in vegetable oil until golden brown;
  • Serve warm.

Tutyrgan teke- so called stuffed lamb.

To create this masterpiece prepare: the pulp of young lamb, a dozen eggs, a little less than a glass of milk, two onions, half a pack of butter, salt and pepper.

Creation Instructions:

  • separate the brisket or back of the young ram's ham from the bone, forming a sort of bag;
  • separately in a container, mix all eggs (without shell), melted cooled oil, salt, pepper, and mix everything well;
  • meat bag filled with liquid mixture and sew;
  • put the product in a pan, pour broth, sprinkle with chopped onion and carrot and cook until ready;
  • Smear the ready tutyrgan teke with oil, put it on the frying pan, put in the oven for twenty minutes to brown.
  • serve as a hot dish.

Belysh with duck meat

To prepare this dish you will need:

  • one and a half kg of dough;
  • one duck;
  • 0.4 kg of rice cereal;
  • pack of butter;
  • three onions;
  • a glass of meat broth;
  • pepper black and salt.

Phased cooking process:

  • separate the duck's meat from the bones and cut into small slices;
  • wash the rice and boil a little until half cooked;
  • drain the water from the rice cereal, rinse it under a stream of warm water, and then dry it;
  • mix rice with butter, onion slices and duck slices. Salt, pepper and the filling is ready!
  • Roll out the dough, wrap the stuffing in it, put it in the pan and send it to the oven for 2-2.4 hours. Half an hour before readiness, pour the broth on a béliche baking sheet;
  • Present the prepared dish to the guests without spreading it from the pan.

Tunterma is a kind of omelette

The list of what you need:

  • eggs;
  • milk - 1-1,5 glasses;
  • semolina or flour - 0.5 cups;
  • butter - 0,5 packs;
  • salt.

Cooking is very simple:

  • using a mixer or a whisk, beat the eggs until they have a homogeneous consistency, add a glass or a little more milk, melted butter, semolina (flour), salt it;
  • Pour into a greased frying pan and fry until thickened;
  • move the tunter into the oven for five minutes;
  • Grease the finished product.

Pelmeni with hemp stuffing

It will take:

  • one hundred grams of dough;
  • one chicken egg;
  • minced hemp, granulated sugar and rock salt;
  • a glass of sour cream or 50 g of butter.

Prepare forcemeat: in a mortar rub the hemp seeds, pour in granulated sugar, salt.

Make the dough, as for ordinary ravimes, fill them with hemp stuffing, boil in brackish water. Serve, seasoned with sour cream or butter.

Agree that the recipes of the national Tatar cuisine are quite simple, so it will not be difficult to prepare delicious dishes to enjoy these culinary masterpieces in your own kitchen.

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