The only actress from "Santa Barbara" who became a Hollywood star

The legendary series has been on for 9 years, and the number of episodes has exceeded 2000! Several dozen main characters, whose fate was watched by the audience. But, unfortunately, for many actors the soap opera turned out to be the height of a career. Except for one actress ...

This now star blonde today is 52 years old. Hollywood beauty Robin Wright will celebrate her birthday with children and close friends. In a big movie, Robin, figuratively speaking, jumped off the catwalk: she was pretty tired of being in models, and therefore the young girl leaned into actresses.

Photo: shot from the series "Santa Barbara"

In 1984, she first starred in the TV series "Yellow Rose". And before that, at the age of 15, she managed to confuse the well-known Hollywood macho man - Charlie Sheen. A short novel on the way to a creative career only inspired Robin. She was noticed and invited to the soap opera - the long-running TV series "Santa Barbara", where she played the role of blonde Kelly.By a funny coincidence, Robin Wright, the screen actor, became the actor Dane Witherspoon, who soon acquired official status. Working relationship on the set turned into a very close, which ended in a wedding. Unfortunately, family life did not work out, and after two years the marriage broke up. What, by the way, Robin did not regret at all. Here it must be said that the Santa Barbara series, which lasted for years and exhausted literally every viewer, had one bad trait. Few of the actors involved in this project, scored in the stars.

Photo: shot from the series "Santa Barbara"
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Robin Wright was a pleasant exception. Her attractiveness, which combined intelligence, sexuality and a large proportion of acting talent, was a boon for many directors. About his positive experience with the soap opera, Robin once said the following: “I can safely be considered an actress in one take. And I took this bad habit with me from Santa Barbara. In 1994, the famous Forrest Gump movie was released, where Robin Wright made a worthy company to Tom Hanks himself.Everything was as well as possible: the actress predicted a bright future. But all almost ruined the second marriage: by this time, Robin was married to Sean Penn. Because even the birth of a daughter and a son did not change the character of the star brawler. And 14 years of marriage could be considered almost lost time for the creative career of Robin Wright. Because of the family and the eternal treason, drunken antics of Sean Penn, she refused a number of roles, including the participation in the film "The English Patient." And those rare pictures where she starred with her husband, were frankly a failure. Divorce literally freed Robin from the shackles: she even changed her image and became more attractive and vibrant.

Photo: shot from the series "House of Cards"

Hollywood directors took advantage of this transformation. And she, we note, met all hopes. For example, for the role of Claire Underwood in the TV series “House of Cards”, Robin received a Golden Globe. One Hollywood star joked: "I like it when men stroke my brain." And it seems that such a person was found. The role of the secret husband is attributed to the young manager of the House of Saint Laurent Clement Giraud.

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