The imposition of a warming compress: in which cases and how to apply?

The imposition of a warming compress has a number of contraindications. If the skin has irritation, abrasions, cuts or other wound surface caused by a burn or frostbite - a compress should not be put on this place. Various tumors, even ordinary moles, can increase their growth after a compress, which in general will adversely affect your health.
If you put a medicinal compress and use this drug for the first time, first make sure that you are not allergic to its constituent components. To do this, you can drop 2-3 drops of medicine on the inner side of the wrist and watch for 10 minutes. If during this time there was no reaction (redness, burning, itching, rash, etc.), you can use this preparation for a compress.
For the warming compress use a solution of alcohol, liquid magnesium sulfate, the drug "Dimexide", etc.Most often, the doctor prescribes a 70% concentration of the alcohol solution, magnesia is always used with a 25% solution, but “Dimexide” is diluted with water or novocaine in various proportions - as prescribed by the treating doctor. For example, for a compress on the ear, it is advisable to dilute “Dimexide” 1 to 5 with boiled water, it is recommended to dilute 1 to 3 proportions of “Novocain”, which has anesthetic effect, on infiltrates of the extremities.For a compress for young children use other proportions. For example, it is recommended to dilute alcohol with distilled water up to 20%, and “Demixide” dilute 1 to 10.
To apply a heating compress, you will need a gauze or cloth napkin. If you use cheesecloth, then it must be folded in 8 layers, and if natural material (cotton, linen, calico) - fold in 4 layers, synthetic flaps can not be used. The size of the napkin should be greater than the affected area by 2 cm. If, for example, a subcutaneous seal is about the size of a walnut, you will need a napkin of 6 to 6 centimeters.
You will also need waterproof paper or oilcloth, you can also use dense polyethylene.Cut any of the listed materials larger by 2 cm on each side than the napkin. Such dimensions are needed to ensure that the edges of polyethylene lie on the skin and the treatment solution does not leak out.
To save the heat from the compress you need a two-centimeter layer of cotton wool. Its size is about the size of an oilcloth or polyethylene. If you apply a compress to a limb (arm or leg), for fixation it is more convenient to use a bandage or a scarf. When applying a compress to the buttock or another part of the body - it can be fixed with the help of adhesive tape.
For a warming compress it is necessary to use a warm solution, with a temperature of about 38 degrees. Therefore, pre-heat a vial of alcohol or ampoules of magnesia in a water bath. "Demixide" can not be heated, so it is advisable to warm the water or "Novocain" for its cultivation.Compress should be applied only for a certain time. The procedure with magnesia lasts 4 hours, the alcohol compress should be put on for 2 hours, “Demeksid” acts after 60-90 minutes.
Moisten a napkin with warm solution, squeeze and apply it to the sore spot. Then cover it with non-wetting material.Next, apply a layer of cotton and fix the compress. If you cover the place of a compress with a blanket or wear warm clothes, for example, a sweater with a compress on your hand, then enhance the effect of the procedure.

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