The principle of action and contraindications of injections for weight loss

The ideal figure is the object of the dreams of many women, because someone has been awarded nature with aspen waist and narrow hips, and others with outstanding parameters. And if the former are always satisfied with their appearance, then the latter often enter into a complex and sometimes very long struggle called the “toned body”.

Various exercise programs, diets, nutrition systems, medicinal and folk remedies come to the rescue, and this list is constantly updated with new options. Cosmetology also does not stand still, and recently actively promotes an innovative procedure - injections for weight loss.

Magical injections

In order for the organism to function normally, and the metabolic process took place without delays and problems, a balance of synthesis and disintegration is necessary. But there are a lot of factors that influence these processes and can contribute to imbalance.For example, lack of exercise, unhealthy diet, bad habits can cause excess fat deposits.

Fighting them is very difficult, so those who have long been trying to unsuccessfully get a fit figure, cosmetologists are advised to try injections with lipolitics. The procedure is quite simple: under the skin with thin needles a drug is injected that activates the process of lipolysis - the breakdown of fats. In addition, in the composition of injections for weight loss there are substances that improve circulation and elimination of split fats.

The maximum effect from such a method can be achieved in such zones as:

  • face (chin, cheeks, eyelids);
  • neck;
  • belly, thighs and buttocks;
  • Hands.

What are they like?

It is possible to achieve the desired result, provided the correct selection of the drug and the number of necessary sessions. To date, there are several types of lipolitikov used for weight loss.

  1. Vitamin B12. He is responsible for the stable operation of metabolic processes. Such injections help to speed up the metabolism, at the same time, saturating the body with nutrients necessary for its normal functioning.
  2. Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). First of all, it is known as a hormone that is produced during pregnancy. Injection helps to quickly burn body fat and keeps muscle mass normal. This method is used, as a rule, in conjunction with a well-developed power supply system.
  3. Lipotropic burners. These are additives that accelerate metabolic processes, activating the breakdown of fats. Such injections are most often done in the stomach, and they help to cope with sagging sides and extra centimeters in the waist.
  4. Ozone. This substance has a beneficial effect on the entire body, expanding blood vessels and improving blood circulation, it also effectively cleanses the intestines from toxins and affects the processes of fat oxidation. In addition, ozone shots will help eliminate such unpleasant consequences of excess weight as stretch marks and “orange peel”.
  5. Nitrogen. It has long been used in cosmetology, and today injections with this substance are not at all something strange. But nitrogen, like liposuction, helps to improve the patient's appearance, but makes it impossible to lose weight, just by destroying subcutaneous fat.

To do or not?

Many potential clients of clinics offering such injections for weight loss are interested in the issue of safety and efficacy. So let's first understand what is the plus of such a method.

  1. It gives an opportunity to get quick results without long and exhausting workouts and diets.
  2. Absolutely painless procedure for those who are not afraid of injections, not requiring the rehabilitation process.
  3. The result will be visible after 2-3 sessions.

But intralipotherapy also has its drawbacks.

  1. One of the side effects may be fever. This is a normal reaction to the accelerated process of the breakdown of fat cells, but you will be required to rest at rest for a while.
  2. The effect is quick, but its duration is about 2-4 weeks, after which the next session will be necessary.

Like any other cosmetic preparations, lipolitikov have their own contraindications, among which are:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • oncological diseases;
  • allergy to lecithin, which is one of the main components;
  • dermatological problems in the use of the drug.

It is also worth remembering that intralipotherapy is best done in specialized medical centers with a good reputation under the supervision of specialists. If you comply with the rules of drug administration, you can be sure of the complete safety of the procedure and its high effectiveness.

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