The problematics of the novel by Daniel Defoe "Robinson Crusoe" 1. Theme of loneliness 2 Theme of labor 3. Theme of vitality 4. Theme of friendship.

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Dasha Zaitseva
Dasha Zaitseva
Answered 25 march 2017 15:06
The theme of loneliness. The main problem of this work is the loneliness of the main character. The man is thrown on a desert island, he is lonely, he has no one to talk to, no one to share his joy or sorrow, he is sad alone. From longing he may die in a strange land. 2. The theme of labor. It was labor that helped Robinson survive and remain human. Robinson Crusoe does not lose heart. He always occupies himself with something, works, ennobles his life. Realizing his loneliness, the hero begins to look for something, to strive for something, to do something. Not sitting idly by. 3. The theme of vitality, optimism, hope of salvation.Robinson Crusoe had two basic building devices: Faith and Action. Robinson Crusoe believes and hopes for his salvation, he does not lose optimism, he fights for life. 4. Theme of friendship. In the life of the protagonist on the island appears assistant and a friend Friday. With the advent of Friday, his life takes on a new meaning. Robinson Crusoe becomes Friday's friend and mentor. He teaches Friday to communicate in English, to cook properly, eat, work, ennoble home, land, teach different skills: reading, writing, shooting a gun. This helps Robinson to escape, he has no time to be bored. With the advent of Friday, the main character increases the chance for salvation.

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