The Weeknd was to become a kidney donor for Selena Gomez

Publication from EMI - Universal Music TR (@emimusictr)2 Apr 2018 at 3:00 PDT

"Abel (real name of the musician. -Note ed.) immediately suggested that Selene pass tests for donor compatibility. He was unconditionally ready to help her, if it turned out that there is such an opportunity. But, unfortunately, according to the results of the tests, he did not fit. Both of them very much worried then, - the insider told. - Abel loved Selena and supported her as best he could. Thank God, it soon became clear that Francia, Selena's friend, could become a donor, and a huge cargo fell from their shoulders. "

Well, that sounds pretty selfless! Ironically, it was this moment that became a turning point in the relationship between The Weeknd and Gomez: the musicians moved away from each other, and then Selena, according to the source, completely destroyed her boyfriend with one blow, renewing her friendship with Justin Bieber. “A double portion of salt to the wounds, if you understand what I mean,” the source added. Still would not understand! After all, this is exactly the name of the new mini-album by the singer - My Dear Melancholy, in which Abel frankly talks about his relationship with Selena and how they broke his heart.Well, let's hope that now everyone from the love triangle will finally find its happiness: Selena, for example, has already realized that she and Justin are not a couple.

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