"There is no need" how to spell?

Marina Nazarenko
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"There is no need" how to spell?

Many people just can not answer the question of how to spell there is no need - together, separately, and perhaps through a hyphen. Consider two examples.

  • �We have no need to go there� - in this case we are dealing with an adverb that is written together with �not.� It answers the question �Why?�, �Not� is a prefix of the word. In those cases when �no reason� is used as an adverb in a sentence and answers the questions: �Why?�, �For what purpose?�, This word is written together.
  • "In this small courtyard there is absolutely nothing to hide behind." Here we are dealing not with an adverb, but with a particle �not�, the preposition �for� and the pronoun �than�. As you know, the particle "not" with these parts of speech is written separately. In such cases, we write this: not for anything.

Now you know how to spell there is no need. Follow the rules of the Russian language and write correctly.

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