Things of black color + decorations for Valentine's Day

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
fashion editor

Try on February 14 to get dressed in something pink, red, too lacy or with a deep neckline - and immediately get a pile of sarcastic comments in the spirit of “fell in love,” or “got together for a romantic date.” Admit it, and you, too, will respond with a smile to a girl who, on Valentine's Day, is wearing a dressing room with a dress in sequins or painting lips with red lipstick on the subway car. The lovers give themselves up with guts, if only they do not observe one incomprehensible truth: you want to attract maximum attention to yourself on a date, but at the same time a minimum of attention is on the way to this very date (or at work!), Give preference to black.

Dramatic and restrained in nature, black will spy “cover” its owner in any responsible mission. And romantic occasions are among the latter. Just do not forget to add a bit of sparkling luxury to the black - gold, sapphires, diamonds and emeralds.

Сюртук + a set of jewelry with pearls

Designers already for the season make us understand that pearls do not happen much. It is on clothes, on shoes, on accessories and, naturally, as part of jewelry. And it should be noted that on a black background, perfect pearls look especially attractive.

Things of black color + decorations for Valentine's Day

Surprise Zara (4 999 rub.)earrings SL, white gold, pearls, diamonds (to order)

Dress in black leather + ring with black and white diamonds

Since we said no lace higher, then on Valentine's Day we will keep our openwork charm even in jewelery - in white gold with almost two hundred black and transparent diamonds. The dress deserves a separate compliment - this is a black mini dress, which changes its character depending on the presence or absence of a turtleneck or blouse underneath.

Things of black color + decorations for Valentine's Day

Black leather Maje dress (£ 174 at discount)ring SL, white gold, diamonds (order)

Overalls in black color + earrings with emeralds

Do not wait for spring to wear clothes with open shoulders, if the occasion is presented already in the middle of winter, on Valentine's Day. And the luxurious green emeralds certainly do not know the seasonality - with their energetic light they can illuminate any image at any time of the year.

Things of black color + decorations for Valentine's Day

H & M overalls (1 999 rub. On a discount)earrings SL, yellow gold, emeralds, diamonds (order)

Black dress, kimono + pendant with sapphires and diamonds

On Valentine's Day, add to your image a note of home relaxation with a light dress on thin straps and a weightless kimono made of transparent fabric. To dilute this boudoir outfit will help elegant jewelry on the neck with weighty sapphires.

Things of black color + decorations for Valentine's Day

Dress the Raey (€ 173);kimono mango (1 199 rub. at a discount)suspension SL, white gold, sapphires, diamonds (order)

Top and pants in black + diamond pendant

In a combination of a tight-fitting, exactly-topped figure and a free airy bottom, there is something graceful and graceful in the ballet. Large jewelry will destroy the harmony of proportions, but miniature and subtle add sophistication in the details.

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