Tint hair shampoo: what you need to know

Shampoo shampoo has recently become a very popular product among the fairer sex. This tool is able in a short time to transform the appearance of any of us. Therefore, he definitely should pay our attention.

This shampoo will not turn you into a blonde, if now you are the owner of dark hair. In this article we want to reveal all the nuances of this tool.

How to use?

Before you start using these shampoos, you need to read everything that is written on the package, read all the warnings and listen to them as much as possible. After all, there are often cases when a person did not get the desired result from the money, just because he didn’t use it correctly.

Shampoos that give shade to hair work according to this principle: they envelop each hair on our head with a colored film. The dye does not penetrate the hair structure and therefore does not harm it.In addition, there are no strong chemicals in the shampoo, such as ammonia.

We will break into the very process of applying funds. You should know that a good shampoo is quickly absorbed into the skin of your hands and nails. In order not to spoil your manicure, as well as your mood, we advise you not to neglect protective gloves.

Shampoo should be applied to wet hair, in principle, like all similar products. You must distribute it evenly across all strands, because you do not want to have an unevenly dyed head. After applying the product to damp hair, you need to wait a few minutes (the instructions will say exactly how long), then rinse with warm water. Next, you need to repeat the whole procedure again, that is, it will have to be applied to the hair twice.

Strands may not stain immediately, so do not rush to get upset. Most likely, the color will appear after a few hours. With the new color you can walk from 5 to 10 days, it all depends on how often you wash your hair.


  • does not adversely affect the hair structure;
  • after washing off, your strands will have a natural color, while ordinary colors permanently change the natural pigmentation of the hair;
  • able to give shine and healthy look to weak hair.

Give preference to products in which manufacturers have added nutrients or medicinal herbs. Deciding to try this shampoo for the first time, buy 2 products at once. Apply shampoos to thin locks from different sides of the head and look at the result. The tool that gave you the color you like and choose.

Do not believe the commercials, which say that the tint shampoo dyed gray hair. The solution to this problem so shampoos can not do.

Such shampoos are a kind of magic wand for blondes. It's no secret that the eternal problem of blondes is the appearance of yellow hair, some time after dyeing. To dazzle everyone with snow-white curls again it is not necessary to constantly “kill” your hair with ordinary colors. It is enough to buy a tinted shampoo, which will give you the desired whiteness.

Sometimes girls complain that after using shampoos that impart a shade, bed linen gets very dirty. The color of the pillow becomes the same as the hair color. To prevent this from happening, it is enough just to rinse off the product well after dyeing and not go to bed with wet hair.

Tint shampoos are very popular among celebrities, because they often have to change the image. So why shouldn't we start making changes in our appearance and at the same time not harming our hair at all?

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