Lacquer bag with flowers: the choice of color
By themselves, the flowers are already elegant and feminine, with the right flow the girl will definitely not go unnoticed. Colored lacquer bags are relevant in the offseason and the warm season, although on a winter day such a handbag will lift the mood of its owner.
Classic lacquer bag can be called red, which becomes the main element of the image. Red patent bag with flowers looks favorably on a black or white background.
By the way, you can no longer try to pick up shoes to match the bag. Wear a women's scarf or gloves to match the color of the bag - that's enough!
Lacquer blue bag suitable for publication or office. Pants or a little black dress will look stylish in combination with this accessory.
Pink lacquer bag with flowers suitable for summer look. Loose trousers are made of flowing material, chiffon sundresses, thin silk blouses - this all blends beautifully with delicate pink color!
Yellow patent bag is suitable for romantic dates and cocktail parties. Wear a non-striking color with clothes, yellow is a bright color in itself, and then there is also a handbag decorated with flowers.
Care for lacquer bag
The lacquer coating does not tolerate mechanical damage and temperature drops. If the street below -10 ° C, it is better not to take a lacquer bag. It is also not recommended to clean it with aggressive detergents. After cleaning, wipe the bag dry so that it will last you a long time!
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Tip 2: Bag burgundy: how and what to wear

Burgundy is a royal color. He has restraint, attractiveness, refinement. This is one of the colors that belongs to the retro style. Women's burgundy bag is a spectacular accessory, it should be worn with no less elegant things.
Bag burgundy color: how and what to wear

Stylists claim that the burgundy handbag is not suitable for everyone, so you first need to find out to whom it will go and where it will be appropriate. Of course, burgundy bag can safely take on a business meeting, a walk or a party of a girl with expressive brown eyes, light skin, dark hair. This is a winter type of appearance.In this case, burgundy color will give the image of colors, emphasize the colorful appearance. But then it is necessary to decorate the neck with a burgundy scarf or wear earrings with a large burgundy stone, so that the image contains harmony of colors.

To make a maroon handbag become the bright center of your image, you need to create a suitable background. Here fit brown things: sand, beige, walnut, light brown.

Win-win is a combination of black and beige. Only your outfit should consist of a minimum of elements, and then you get a gloomy image. A great example is a discreet, elegant black dress and a medium-sized burgundy bag. It is appropriate and matte bag and lacquered.

In the business style bag burgundy color also found its place. Dilute the formal suit with a beige blouse, complement the image with a playful accessory (for example, a scarf around the neck). With this way, the burgundy bag goes perfectly well!

I would like to separately highlight the lacquered bags of burgundy color of leather - they will make the strict image of the lady luxurious, while adding bold notes to the image. Ideal varaint - slightly elongated or even square handbag without bright decorations. Knit a light-colored handkerchief to the bag so that the image will take on a romantic color.

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Tip 3: Bag yellow

Do you want to create a positive and vivid image? Then the yellow bag is for you! In the fashionable season of 2014, women's yellow bags are very popular.
Yellow bag
Consider the stylish women's handbags in this bright color. Large yellow leather bags - these are the most popular models. In addition to practicality, they are also universal. For example, you can create a relaxed office suite by combining a yellow handbag with business suits. They are also suitable for romantic ladies.
Another universal and popular option for everyday life is a yellow handbag over the shoulder. These medium-sized models are suitable for those who like to remain always in the limelight.
A small knitted bag will also look very interesting. For creative natures, it fits perfectly. With it you can emphasize the originality and individuality.
Lacquer clutch bag - an option for publication.
Now let's talk about the most successful combinations. Black and yellow - this is a combination for autumn. For example, put on a black unpretentious dress that will emphasize elegance, and grab a bright yellow bag - it will add to the positive image.
Another yellow color goes well with sapphire and emerald shades. Such a combination will set a positive attitude on the most overcast day, it is enough to put on a sapphire-colored coat and take a bright yellow bag.
A sunny women's handbag is well-suited for girls who have denim in their wardrobe. Yellow can be combined with other bright colors, why be afraid of experiments? For example, denim shorts with lace, purple or raspberry top and, of course, a yellow bag - that's ready a great fashionable option for traveling or walking with friends!

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