Tip 3: French macaroni cookies

Tip 2: Unbaked cheesecake with creamy chocolate filling

This unique recipe is good because it does not need an oven. In 10 minutes you will cook a cheesecake, put it in the fridge and in a third of an hour you will be able to enjoy a tender dessert with a snow-white filling.

You will need a minimum of products, skills and time to create a culinary miracle. Limit yourself to take:

For the test:

- 380 cookies;

- 80 g butter;

For filling:

- 480 g of cottage cheese of any fat content, but not liquid (it is possible and 0%);

- 230 g white chocolate;

- 90 g of cream with fat content of 33%;

- optional, 200 g of fresh berries.

Start by preparing the dough, it will take only 5 minutes. Melt the butter on low heat or in a water bath. At this time, turn the cookies into a crumb. This can be done most quickly in a blender.

Pour the butter into the biscuits, mix with a spatula. Put the mass in a split form. Tamp it with a mock or tolkushka. Put the container in the fridge.

Break the chocolate into segments, put it turn into a liquid in a water bath. At this time, engage in cottage cheese. For now, we will need half the norm of this product. Pour in the cream here. Beat the mixture at a low speed so that its pieces do not fly through the kitchen. Now lay out the rest of the cottage cheese and whisk everything until smooth.

By this time, the chocolate melted. Pour it into the curd cream, mix with a spatula. This ingredient will help the filling to quickly harden and give it an amazing taste.

If you wish, add berries, it is better to take those that have a natural shell, for example, black currants, blueberries, blueberries. Mix the stuffing and place it on the cooled biscuit cake. Smooth with a wide knife or pastry spatula, refrigerate for 20 minutes.

Remove the form, warm the sides with it for a minute, then the cheesecake will be easier to remove. Do it. You can decorate your work of culinary art with mint leaves, after which it is time to taste the delicacy that is hidden in your mouth.

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