Tips for choosing the perfect thermometer

Fever - a fairly common symptom that occurs in many diseases. And to reveal it, you need to use a thermometer. But how to choose it so that the measurements are as accurate, safe and comfortable as possible?

What are the thermometers?

If literally ten years ago only mercury thermometers were available, which everyone used without thinking that there were some other options, then today there are a lot of alternatives. And so it is not easy to decide. And to make it easier for you to do this, consider each option separately.


You should start with the classics. A mercury thermometer operates on mercury, which expands when heated, moves along a thin cone, and indicates values ​​on a scale.

First of all, it is worth listing the advantages of this type:

  • High measurement accuracy. The error is no more than 0.1 degrees, which is very important if you need to know the exact temperature of the body and monitor its fluctuations.
  • Low cost.This thermometer can be called the most inexpensive compared to all others.
  • Durability. The device can serve for decades, because there is simply nothing to break in it (of course, if you do not smash it into smithereens).
  • There are several ways to measure, for example, the most common axillary, oral (in the mouth), and rectal (in the anus). And this advantage allows you to measure not only body temperature, but also basal, which is very useful, for example, when planning pregnancy and tracking ovulation.
  • Easy to care. Disinfecting this meter is easy. For example, you can wash it with soap or treat it with an antiseptic. But you shouldn't boil it, of course.

Now the cons:

  • Relative fragility. Since such a thermometer is made of glass, it is quite easy to break it, especially with careless handling and with small children in the house.
  • If you break this device, then mercury will flow out of it, and its fumes are pretty dangerous. It is necessary to carry out general cleaning and long airing.
  • Oral measurement is not suitable for small children, as there is a risk of injury.
  • If measurements are carried out rectally, then the thermometer can simply “get lost”, because it is thin, and its shape is streamlined.
  • It is sometimes difficult to figure out the measurement result, because you need to catch a certain angle of inclination.
  • The measurement should be quite long (about 10 minutes), which is tiring, especially for a small child.

Digital Thermometer

How to choose the right thermometer? Pay attention to electronic thermometers. They appeared relatively recently, but managed to become quite popular, mainly due to its convenience. They work at the expense of sensors that transmit readings in the form of numbers to the display.

The main advantages of this type:

  • Short measurements: only about a minute (when measured under the arm, the duration can be increased to 3 minutes, but it's still a bit).
  • It is very easy to read the results, because they are displayed in the form of numbers.
  • Almost all models of this type have an automatic shutdown function.
  • Some electronic thermometers can memorize several recent results, which allows to evaluate the dynamics of temperature indicators and the effectiveness of treatment.
  • There are illuminated thermometers, and it is very convenient to use them in dark rooms without turning on the light.
  • You can change the scale (measurements are available not only in Celsius, but also in Fahrenheit).
  • A huge variety of models. You can get a bright thermometer for kids.

But this species has its drawbacks:

  • It is extremely important to strictly follow the instructions, otherwise the indicators will not be reliable.
  • Measurements are not always accurate. The error can reach 0.5 degrees, especially if the rules of operation are not followed.
  • Not all models can be disinfected, and sometimes disinfection is simply necessary, because bacteria will certainly settle on the surface of the device.
  • If measurements are carried out in the usual way, that is, under the arm, their duration should be increased. After the beep, the thermometer must remain in place for some time, sometimes manufacturers indicate it.
  • Such a device works on batteries, so they will have to be changed. And the charge may run out at the most inopportune moment, it is always worth remembering.
  • The relatively high cost, which can vary between 200-1500 rubles.


Infrared thermometers - a new word in medicine. And they are still far from being available to everyone, but many have already managed to appreciate their advantages. Such a device works on a special sensitive element that assesses the infrared radiation of an object and transforms it into the usual digital temperature indicators.


  • This thermometer has a full range of functions, such as memory, automatic shutdown, sound signal.
  • The temperature can be measured very quickly, in just a few seconds, and sometimes it is very convenient.
  • If you choose a non-contact thermometer, you can measure the temperature even for a sleeping child without serious consequences.
  • If replaceable tips are included in the kit, then this will resolve the issue of disinfecting the device.

Now the cons:

  • Infrared thermometer is not very accurate. But ordinary household appliances, which are sold in pharmacies, have a fairly significant error: about 0.5 degrees.
  • Such a device can only be used in certain parts of the body, for example, near the temples, forehead and ears.
  • Measurements in the ear shells will be unreliable and with otitis.
  • There have been cases of injury to the eardrum when measuring in the ears.
  • Such a device should be checked periodically and subjected to calibration, which is very problematic.
  • If the baby is crying, the results will not be accurate.
  • The high price, which is about 1500-4000 rubles.

Thermal strips

A thermo band is not exactly a thermometer, but it is designed to measure temperature. Her color varies with body temperature. But the testimony is extremely inaccurate and strongly averaged, so you will probably determine that the temperature is raised, but how much, it is impossible to know.

How to make a choice?

Now you know all kinds of thermometers. But which one to choose? Some useful tips for you:

  1. If you have a child, pay special attention to safety.
  2. Before buying, carefully read the instructions to see if using the device will not be too difficult for you and your family.
  3. Acquire a thermometer is only in the pharmacy!
  4. If in doubt, you can buy two thermometers at once and use them in turn or at the same time to compare the indicators and get more accurate data.
  5. Keep any thermometer out of the reach of children and in a safe place.
  6. Before use, be sure to thoroughly and carefully read the instructions and strictly follow all instructions given in it.

Now you can choose a convenient, safe and accurate thermometer for your family. Health to you and your loved ones!

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